5 unmissable things to do in Madagascar

Madagascar is an island full of interesting contrasts. Between ancient influences and modern ones, it is always full of surprises.

There are things that are absolutely unmissable when travelling on luxury Madagascar holidays. These unusual experiences make visiting the region an unforgettable adventure.

Watching the Migration of Whales around Baie d’Antongil

In the Baie d’Antongil, also called Antongil Bay, we were able to see the yearly migration of the Antarctic Humpback Whales. From June through September, Antongil Bay comes alive with a fascinating display of the traditions of whales courting and mating.

Antarctic Humpback Whale fluking.

By August, the female whales are calving. This warm water is the perfect environment for the whales and the stunning scenery also provides a wonderful backdrop for photographs.

A Trip to Zoma Market

The world’s second largest open air street market is in Madagascar’s capital city of Antananarivo. This bustling market is filled with treasures. First we encountered the interesting Malagasy people, with their smiling welcomes and outgoing nature.

This is the place to go for gemstone jewellery, wood carvings, embroidery and other handicrafts. Leather goods and fabrics are plentiful.

Shopping here gives you a chance to engage with the friendly people on a more personal level.

Snorkeling in Nosy Hara Archipelago

One of the best things about holidays to Madagascar is the rare opportunity to snorkel among the reefs of Nosy Hara Archipelago. We were thrilled by the compelling ocean life.

Snorkeling among colourful fish, sea turtles and manta rays offers a rare opportunity to spend time watching these creatures in their natural habitat. The crystal clear and temperate water gave us a chance to explore in comfort.

The Royal Rova and Lost Palace

Another must-see site in Antananarivo is the Royal Rova and Lost Palace. We got lost in our thoughts imagining a time when kings and queens ruled over Madagascar. The complex where their tombs now rest was destroyed many years ago by a fire.

There is still a stone entrance standing and remnants of a church. The Rova was an incredible museum to browse in. We were fascinated by artefacts from ancient days.

See Lemurs and Trek Through Caves

Ankarana National Park was our favourite place to see interesting lemurs with their huge glass-like eyes. Curiosity is one of their most endearing features!

Crowned lemur.

Chameleons and fast-moving geckos provided endless entertainment and laughter.

Male panther chameleon.

Caves with their sparkling, crystallized stalactites and stalagmites were also spellbinding.

Tsingy, Ankarana.

Bird sightings and ancient Elephant Feet Trees, along with the scattered limestone structures called Tsingy add to the wonder of this beautiful park.

Rainbow Tours, a UK based Madagascar holiday specialist created a fantastic infographic on the story of lemurs and some fantastic facts about them. Have a look at it below and share these fun facts to spread the word about conserving lemurs in Madagascar:

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There is so much to see and explore in Madagascar that you will find no shortage of activities and excursions to occupy your time, these unmissable tips should get you started and give you inspiration on your Madagascar holidays.

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