6 must-hit spots in Marrakech

Looking at the city of Marrakech, it truly is a sight to behold. Inside of the city, it is a bustling maze of streets and bazaars filled with open air markets that sell goods from carpets to pottery.

Here are just a few of the things you can get up to in this bustling and energetic city.

1. A Trip to a Hammam

Hammam in King Hassan II MosqueA hammam is the African equivalent to the spas you might be used to in the western world. A visit to Marrakech is not complete unless you experience this luxury that the locals enjoy every week.

Arriving at the hammam, don’t be alarmed when you are asked to strip off to your underwear in preparation for the cleansing you will receive.

Warm water is first poured over you before you are given a full body scrub, which sometimes can be quite painful, until you are perfectly clean followed by a relaxing massage which will make you feel like you are floating.

2. Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a few hours’ drive outside of the city centre and they dominate the skyline even before you leave the walls of Marrakech.

As you climb up the mountain the temperatures can drop, so make sure you bring a jacket or a jumper to stay warm. Walking shoes are also very important.

The path up to the summit is quite rocky and you will have to cross small bridges over steams, but it is well worth the day trip as the views from the top are spectacular.

3. Majorelle Garden

Previously owned by the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who had his ashes scattered throughout the garden upon his death in 2008, the Majorelle Gardens in the new town are a beautiful array of exotic plants and trees which are a great way to spend a day exploring.

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4. Souks

An experience you will not get anywhere else in the world, shopping in the souks will present you with plenty of opportunities to find great bargains. Prepare to barter for your goods though, it is expected of you, otherwise you might find you are paying ridiculous prices for something worth very little.

A trip to the souks can be quite intimidating so don’t feel pressured into buying something you don’t want, stand your ground if you feel the price is unfair.

5. Musée de Marrakech

As well as giving you a lesson in the history of the city, the museum also has exhibits which show off some of the finest architecture of Marrakech.

Located in the centre of the city, the museum is in the Dar Menebhi Palace which is a sight to behold on its own as it is a superb example of classic Andalusian architecture.

6. Drink Tea

As Morocco is a Muslim country you will struggle to find alcohol, but as the tea here is so delicious you won’t need to drink beer to feel refreshed in the heat; mint tea is a perfect substitute.

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