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The thrill of a sunset drive in the Kgalagadi

​By Roxanne Reid. If you only have two or three days in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, you want to make the most of your time there. Going on a guided sunset drive is a great way to do that, leaving the camp behind to watch the sun set in natural surroundings and spot nocturnal animals […]


48 hours in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

By Roxanne Reid. In some 40 visits to the Kalahari we’ve racked up about 400 days. And they’ve always been exhilarating. But on a recent trip around the Northern Cape’s arid parks, we had only 48 hours in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. We were worried it wouldn’t be enough. We were wrong. Our first sighting the afternoon […]


Why to love the Skilpad chalets in Namaqualand

By Roxanne Reid. There are just four chalets in the Skilpad section of the Namaqua National Park near Kamieskroon in the Northern Cape, but lots of reasons to love them. The Skilpad (tortoise) chalets are set apart in a landscape that’s naturally peaceful, just the sound of birds or the breeze. Two are set a […]


17 things to do at Augrabies Falls National Park

​By Roxanne Reid. Some 120km west of Upington in the Northern Cape is a landscape that could be from another planet. Although it’s the Augrabies Falls that lures visitors here, you’ll also find arid-adapted animals and plants, fascinating rocks, hikes and more. Here’s my pick of 17 things to do at Augrabies Falls National Park. 1. See […]


12 reasons to visit Namaqua National Park

​By Roxanne Reid. If you hear the word Namaqualand, it’s a fair bet that the words ‘spring flowers’ will instantly pop into your head. But the Namaqua National Park near Kamieskroon in South Africa’s Northern Cape is not just for spring visits. Here are 12 reasons to visit at any time of year. 1. Spring […]


Gorge Cottage, Augrabies: best view in South Africa

​By Roxanne Reid. If you want to stay in a cottage with one of the best views in South Africa, head for Oranjekom viewpoint in the Augrabies Falls National Park in the Northern Cape. This is where you’ll find Gorge Cottage and I promise the view will get your pulse thumping with excitement. ​If you’ve been […]


15 things to do at Mokala National Park

By Roxanne Reid. Mokala is a malaria-free park that lies off the N12 about 75 kilometres southwest of Kimberley – a perfect stopover between Cape Town and Johannesburg. But don’t rush it, stay two or three nights and discover some of these 15 things to do at Mokala National Park. 1. Love the landscape  Mokala […]


Gannakouriep, Richtersveld: find ‘nothing’ and love it

By Roxanne Reid. Prozac for the soul. That’s what I called the chapter about the Richtersveld in my book A Walk in the Park. Four or five visits later, nothing has changed; it’s still a place to rest and reconnect with your soul. Tag along as we visit Gannakouriep camp for the first time, a place […]


Why to visit Totties Farm Kitchen near Knysna

By Roxanne Reid. If ever you get a chance to explore the Rheenendal Ramble – an informal lucky packet of stops along the Rheenendal Road 15km west of Knysna on South Africa’s Garden Route – make sure you visit Totties Farm Kitchen for lunch or tea. You’ll get good food in charmingly old-fashioned surroundings. When […]


Sendelingsdrift nature garden, Richtersveld

By Roxanne Reid. I’ve always looked at Sendelingsdrift in the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park as a place to be endured on the way to the excitements of Akkedis Pass, Domrogh Pass, Potjiespram, De Hoop and the wilderness camps inside the park. On a recent visit I discovered a reason to love your stopover here – the […]


15 things to do near Knysna on the Garden Route

By Roxanne Reid. There’s so much to see and do in and around Knysna that you couldn’t fit it all into a single post. I’m going to focus on the Rheenendal-Buffalo Bay area to the west, which we’ve returned again and again. Here are 15 things to do near Knysna on the Garden Route. 1. […]


5 arid parks worth visiting in the Northern Cape

​By Roxanne Reid. It may not be home to Table Mountain or the Kruger National Park – two of South Africa’s most well known attractions – but the Northern Cape is still one of my favourite places. It has open spaces and blue skies, mountains and semi-desert landscapes crammed with wildlife big and small. Here […]


15 things to do in Paternoster on the West Coast

By Roxanne Reid. For the locals, life in Paternoster still revolves around the sea. Fishing is the historical lifeblood of the village and fishermen still go out almost every day in their colourful boats. For visitors, of course, there’s more variety. Here are 15 things to do in Paternoster on the West Coast of South […]