Michael Theys

Jambo rafiki!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Africa Freak platform! As they say it in the Swahili language: “Jambo” (Hello) and “Karibuni” (Welcome)!

For all “Africa Freaks” out there you have definitely come to the right place! Whether you are looking for specific info on safari destinations, animals, wildlife photos, videos and much more… as the site grows and expands you’ll gain access to an ever greater variety of Africa-related content that reflects the true beauty and complexity of both Africa and its people!

Trying to be as “sexy” as the zebras (don’t know if it really worked though)! 🙂

My name is Michael Theys and I am perhaps one of the greatest Africa enthusiasts on the World Wide Web. Over the years I’ve been privileged enough to live and travel across the African continent, exploring a multitude of beautiful and welcoming nations.

From my early childhood in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, to Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa, Zambia, and ultimately South Africa; I have experienced magical and enriching moments!

Places such as the famous Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater (one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites), Masai Mara, South Luangwa or the Kruger Park are of immense beauty! Are you ready to explore them with me?

As a kid in Lake Kariba.

While I am currently based in Europe (Belgium), all those precious memories are still deeply rooted in my mind!

My mission is to share my passion for Africa with you, and re-visit some of the highlights of my life so far (and hopefully for many years to come)!

Please do not hesitate to send me a mail for any questions, comments or suggestions you may have! I am here as your faithful ‘rafiki’ (friend)! 🙂

Enjoy the ride and welcome! 😉

Michael Theys

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