Addis Ababa rooftop gives birth to Africa’s first 360° music video

On a sun-scorched rooftop in Addis Ababa, a stone’s throw away from Ethiopia’s National Theatre, Africa’s first ever 360° music video has been created. A cultural landmark conceived in the shadow of a cultural landmark, Ethiocolor’s ‘Mali Malonayie’ video offers a splendidly warped virtual representation of the capital’s glistening skyline – and, of course, the sprawling band’s diverse musical talents.

Inspired to shoot in 360 because he felt Ethiocolor’s live dynamic could only faithfully be captured using virtual reality tech, director Senay Berhe made the video in seven takes using a single GoPro.

In tandem with the release of their debut album, Ethiocolor will also put out a mobile app that strives to give users an even more immersive experience by allowing you to move through the virtual space of the 360 video by tilting the screen of your smartphone.

Youtube revamped their video platform to accommodate for 360° and 4K video uploads earlier this year, and the technology is increasingly being adopted by creative individuals worldwide, including the ‘Lion Whisperer’ Kevin Richardson, who got caught scuffling with a pack of hyenas in June.

According to Stocktown, Mali Malonayie’s star and Ethiocolor co-founder Melaku Belay said: “Our vision is to carry out our musical heritage in a very creative way without losing the sense of our identity”

You can pick up Ethiocolor’s eponymous debut album on iTunes and try out the interactive app if you’ve got an Android device.

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