Africa’s most adventurous river cruises

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime adventure, then an African river cruise is the holiday for you. Not only does this diverse and expansive landscape offer stunning beautify and culture, but there’s no better way to experience one of the planet’s biggest continents than by cruise ship, relaxing in the comfort of your cabin as you sail the African coastline.

From South Africa’s wine country to the sun-kissed plains of Kenya, an African river cruise allows you to experience a number of destinations throughout your trip, as well as a wealth of activities too, including jungle safaris and scuba diving. However with so many amazing locations to choose from, one of the toughest decisions is undoubtedly what cruise to embark on!

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Zambezi Queen Safari Cruise

The Zambezi Queen cruise ship is nothing short of floating luxury, and it’s a fitting place to sit back and enjoy the awe-inspiring views you’ll be treated to on this safari adventure.

This cruise is predominantly based on the Chobe River, a stretch of water that touches the boarders between Botswana and Nambia, home to an extensive population of wildlife from lions and giraffes to elephants and buffalo. For those vacationers in search of a romantic break, this 2-3 day cruise is a must-book.

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Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago

Located in Northern Mozambique, the Quirimbas Archipelago is home to some of the most ancient islands in the Indian Ocean, a perfect destination for the ultimate family getaway. Not only will you be sailing on a dhow, a traditional African fishing boat, but you’ll also be camping on a different island every night.

Departing from Ibo Island Lodge, this cruise holiday offers culture in abundance, and you’ll no doubt stumble upon ancient African monuments citing Arab, Portuguese and other historic influences.

The Senegal River Cruise

For over 50 years the river boat Bou El Mogdad has sailed the Senegal River, offering guests a cruise of a lifetime as it glances the boarders of Mauritania and Senegal. As far as African cruises go, this is one you simply can’t miss out on, and with over 1,000km of glorious waters and fantastic views to excite even the most well-travelled tourist, the Senegal River Cruise represents the best of African tradition.

Not only will you be taken to the edge of the Sahara Desert and back again, but you’ll also get the chance to depart at Saint Louis as well as a number of Maure villages, known all over the world for their wealth of birdlife.

Although the Bou El Mogdad isn’t the most luxury of cruise liners, it’s certainly a comfortable companion for this epic African voyage.

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