Afternoon tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel in South Africa

Picture the scene: you’re decked out in opulent surroundings, your dining table overwhelmed with heaps of finger sandwiches, freshly brewed tea and homemade scones. Sound good? Great, because we’ve found the perfect place for you to enjoy an unforgettable afternoon tea.

The Mount Nelson hotel in Cape Town has gained worldwide recognition over the years as being an incredibly decadent and regal accommodation, offering its guests unparalleled luxury in the heart of South Africa’s most vibrant city.

From its collection of restaurants and bars, where only the freshest food and drink are served, to the indulgent Librisa Spa, there is no shortage of wonders to enjoy when you stay at the Mount Nelson.

However, it is their afternoon tea that has received particularly high praise, and for good reason too.

Afternoon tea at the Mount Nelson

Whether you’re staying as a guest at the hotel or simply want to pop in for the day, staff at the Mount Nelson will be happy to indulge you with an afternoon of deliciousness.

Choose to sit in either the hotel’s elegant lounge or verdant garden, which is home to a plethora of lush greenery; wherever you are sat, you’re guaranteed one hell of a view!

Mount Nelson’s garden

The Mount Nelson’s sandwiches are all freshly prepared and filled with various delectable flavours. Rare roast beef and rocket, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise and cucumber are traditionally served at the afternoon tea, although these can be catered to your particular preferences.

Following on from the sandwiches are a host of home-made cakes and pastries, including dark chocolate cake, lemon meringue and of course freshly baked scones with clotted cream and preserves.

Of course it wouldn’t be an afternoon tea without something to wash all of this down with. The Mount Nelson serves a variety of freshly brewed teas, from Darjeeling to Ceylon, and everything between.

So, no matter what your taste buds are craving, the hotel will have something to satisfy them. But if you’d prefer a glass of champagne then that’s not a problem either!

The history of afternoon tea is steeped in history, first gaining recognition in the early nineteenth century when tea consumption increased dramatically in England.

It was around this time that the 7th Duchess of Bedford complained about a sinking feeling during the afternoon. She began to take tea in her bedroom alone, but soon grew bored of this and began inviting her friends over to join her.

Soon enough this ceremony evolved into taking tea and walking the grounds. It became such a popular tradition that other hostesses soon followed suit and began inviting their own friends over for afternoon tea. Eventually afternoon tea caught on with the lower classes, and then the rest of the world!

Enjoy! 😉

Nowadays many restaurants and hotels serve afternoon tea and all compete for the coveted claim of serving the very best tea. In Mount Nelson’s case, the hotel’s fresh produce firmly pits itself against the tea titans, and would even give the famous Ritz a run for its money!

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