An African elephant story: always keep up with your family

Hello All!!!

How have you been lately? Health is good, life fantastic…that’s all I can wish you (and so much more), on this New Year already rich in emotions (Barack Obama’s inauguration, Gaza, Australia surprised by fire…)!

I’m sorry if I kept you waiting, but it’s been quite a “hectic” (and boy do I try to avoid using these words lol) week so far, and an even more “eventful” weekend!

Let’s put it that way: when you’re stuck in bed with sickness instead of being out and about, getting on with your life, it’s kind of…annoying (just a LITTLE if I may add :)).

Anyway I won’t be long today, as I really really wouldn’t be able to write anything on any topic (if you have any brilliant ideas, give me a shout and I’ll keep them for later).

Today I’d like to share an incredible video with you guys! It’s an extract from the BBC (Big Cat Diary I think), and is absolutely “fantabulous“!

A mother elephant and its calf are trying to cross the river…nevertheless things don’t turn out according to plans!

Watch it until the very end it’s totally worth it!

Enjoy 😉 and talk to you soon…



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  1. harry June 21, 2009 at 12:40 am #

    Wow! I really like your blog and there’s lots of beautiful photos of African wildlife on it!!! Great work! Discovered you on twitter. Just started a photoblog about Africa and put you on my blogroll.


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