An exhilarating white water rafting experience along the Zambezi

When in Africa it’s never too early to be pumped full of adrenaline. On one particular morning in Zimbabwe’s town of Victoria Falls (during my overland trip through Africa), this is exactly the stance I chose to take.

My method of extracting all that adrenaline? Well, tackling the mighty Zambezi River in an inflatable raft of course. Yes sir! White water rafting was on the cards.

I took myself to the starting depot with my big girl pants on and let the adventure begin. After a safety talk, a group of about thirty of us kitted-up and headed off to our drop-off point at the top of the Zambezi gorge. A beautiful scenic hike down a ravine lead us to our starting point along the river.

Seeing as the rafting was to be done in ‘medium water’ (referring to how full the river was) I followed our guide, hiking along the rocky banks of the Zambezi at one point to avoid ruthlessly vicious whirlpools, rocks and rapids.

The rest of the run was filled with hard paddling and rapids that ranged from grade 1 to grade 5. Grade 5 rapids are also known as Grade Stop-paddling-from-fright.

Amazingly, we managed to keep our raft from capsizing, but that didn’t mean we didn’t have a fellow-paddler rocket off the raft mid-rapid-tackle! She was back in the raft in no time though, thanks to the safety ropes on the side of the raft, and a team mate’s dunk-and-lift manoeuvre.

White water rafting in the Zambezi was such an exhilarating, memorable experience. I had to buy the DVD.

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