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Four essential African veggie recipes to try out this weekend

These four amazingly simple recipes take their inspiration from four classic African vegetables that are becoming more commonly available in the UK and more popular in homes and restaurants alike. [...]

Incredible video of elephant helping his herd across the road shows amazing intelligence

This amazing video of an elephant seemingly acting as lollipop lady, stopping the traffic on the road so that the rest of the herd (including babies) can safely cross seems [...]

Amazing silent footage from 1942 shows life in Congo, Cape Town, Victoria Falls and more

Amazing old footage would have been some people’s first view of the continent. This striking footage from 1942 shows life across various parts of Africa. The footage was made by [...]

Beautiful and incredibly detailed map shows every herb that grows across Africa

This incredibly beautiful and detailed map shows every herb that grows native in Africa and gives an idea of the countries and regions where the herb is most common.

These shocking images are some of the most striking anti-poaching protests there are

Poaching is still a problem in Africa, despite the continued efforts of men and women all around the world to protect some of our planet’s most incredible species that live [...]

This easy recipe for West African peanut soup will make your summer dinner parties

This is a beautifully rich and spicy soup of West African origins. It’s flavourful and comforting, as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In Ghana in particular this [...]

These 15 stunning images show the beauty of every day life in Egypt

Thanks to Instagram, we can see the true beauty and intricacies of every day life all around the world. Here are some gorgeous shots of Egypt – the people and [...]

These 4 books have changed the way the world thinks about Africa

Literary traditions of African and African American writers are diverse and varied, often drawing upon more oral storytelling traditions than writers from other parts of the world, giving novels and [...]

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