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Pemba and Mafia Island: Why Zanzibar isn’t the only paradise in Tanzania 

Shhh! We’ll let you in on a little secret. Two little secrets, in fact. You’ll already know that Zanzibar is a tropical paradise – but it’s not Tanzania’s only one. [...]

Watching Leopards – Part Two: Feeding And Playing
Patience and Teamwork Pay Off for Crafty Kalahari Jackals

Kalahari Plains guide Teko TK Tiso couldn’t wait to fill us in on this extraordinary sighting while out on a drive with guests near our camp in Botswana’s Central Kalahari [...]

Mara Expedition Camp’s safari style, Maasai Mara

By Roxanne Reid. Sometimes Africa whispers softly, revealing her secrets with slow subtlety. And sometimes she bellows and whacks you in the face with her wild bravado. We got a [...]

Crocodile Drowns Impala As Leopard Watches (Presented By Michael Cost)
Leopard vs Leopard vs Hyenas Over Food
Have You Tried Rim Lit Photography?

The beauty of very early morning or nighttime photography is that one can get very creative with the low light and deep shadows that is available. One thing I always [...]

Highly Endangered Wild Cheetah Feeding In South Africa
How to Photograph a River Crossing

People often think that the more subjects you have to photograph the easier it is.  On the contrary, it’s way more difficult and this is never more evident than when [...]

Leopard Family, Part 39
African Elephant Herd At The River Enjoying Life
Naiobi Wants To Say Hello! | The Lion Whisperer
Daughters Of The Mapogo Lions – Rebuilding The Othawa Pride – 159: Taking The Cubs To Feed