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Leopard Family, Part 38
African court’s landmark ruling gives hope to rural people across the continent

The still new African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights has issued a landmark judgement for marginalised communities across Africa. It ruled that the Kenyan government violated the rights of [...]

Daughters Of The Mapogo Lions – Rebuilding The Othawa Pride – 148: Up Close With The Cubs
Wild Dog & Hyena Punching Match
Past and present collide in Namibia’s ghost town

By Roxanne Reid. I’ve talked before about how diamonds at Kolmanskop were so plentiful in the early 1900s that you could pluck them by the fistful off the open ground. The [...]

Photoseries: Spotted bush snake enjoys a frog dinner

Anna van Doorn and Ludovic Wilmart managed to take some excellent photographs of a harmless spotted bush snake (Philothamnus semivariegatus) who had caught quite a large frog and was in [...]

Are elephants more at risk from poaching or habitat loss?

Ivory poaching is the most immediate, urgent threat to Africa’s elephants. But even if that can be tackled, they will have to fight humans for land, food and water. Read [...]

Hukumuri Female Leopard And Son – Presented By Liaan Lategan
Massive Noah’s Ark project attracts critics

The plan is to move 6,000 animals during the coming three years – and in the coming eight weeks alone the project will move 50 elephants, 100 giraffe, 900 impala, [...]

Get to eye level

One thing that totally changes the effect of your image is trying to get down to the ground or eye level with your subject but remember to still be ethical which [...]

Mombo Memories – A New Beginning

After several false alarms, the day had finally come – the white rhinos that had spent the last few weeks in the specially constructed boma to the north of Mombo [...]

Rare Footage Of "Scavenging" Giraffe Herd Feeding On A Buffalo Skeleton!
WILDlife: Roadside Leopard Loving