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Africa’s longest land migration revealed – can you guess?

Witnessing approximately 30,000 striped steeds move across the Kalahari Desert as they journey to the remote, and briefly fertile salt pans of the Okavango Delta, is an unforgettable sight. Read [...]

Killer whales in Cape waters: Skilled hunters

Dave Hurwtiz has been on the water in False Bay, South Africa, for most of his life. For the last 20 years he has operated professional tours of the bay. [...]

Watching Leopards – Part 1: Finally Getting To See The Cubs
Endangered White Rhino: Poop Explosion!
This Boggles My Mind #ASKMEG | The Lion Whisperer
Daughters Of The Mapogo Lions – Rebuilding The Othawa Pride – 150: Posing In The Sun
Watching Hyenas Again! Part 15
Male Leopard With A Wildebeest Calf In A Tree
Highlights of Kenya’s Maasai Mara

By Roxanne Reid. To lovers of safari and wildlife, the words Maasai Mara conjure scenes of abundant game and endless plains dotted with trees. This national reserve in southwest Kenya [...]

2 Cheetahs Kill Impala Lamb Right Next to Road
Wildlife Photography with the OMD EM-1 Mark II

The topic of mirrorless cameras for wildlife photography is an interesting one with some DSLR users completely against it while those shooting mirrorless sit proudly on the other side of [...]

Tracking tips from a safari guide

Other than barbecuing – sorry, ‘braaing’ – there’s nothing that awakens the natural instincts like learning how to track an animal.

The Bounty of the Busanga Plains

Graham Simmonds explores the bountiful plains of Kafue National Park, enjoying all that the early season has to offer.