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African mahogany – the ‘I don’t know’ tree

9 facts about the iconic African mahogany tree!

The first ivory crush in Italy

To celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3 March 2016, Elephant Action League is proud to announce the first Italian ivory crush to be held in Rome.

How China’s taste for wildlife feeds a killing frenzy

Africa’s extraordinary and charismatic wildlife is clearly under siege from the wrecking ball that is China.

Understanding leopard populations with your help

The key to protecting leopards could be in providing high quality research on population numbers and the distribution of leopards across the African continent.

A hands-on rhino dart at Rhino River Lodge

Rhino darting is a crucial part of rhino conservation and an unforgettable experience. Two lucky visitors at Rhino River Lodge managed to experience a rhino dart hands on.

Tackling illegal wildlife trafficking: It’s now or never

With growing numbers in illegal wildlife trafficking, the time to act is now. Organisations from around the world are meeting to discuss what can be done to tackle the crime [...]

Spending longer with gorillas in Uganda

Help train and acclimatise gorillas in Uganda with a once in a lifetime gorilla habituation tour in Bwindi.

Elephant and other wildlife poisoned by poachers in the Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park has discovered an elephant carcass, 110 dead white-backed vultures, two male lions and two black-backed jackals killed by wildlife poisoning.

Video: A baby springbok’s first steps

A newborn springbok trying to walk for first time, while its mum tries to keep it clean!

Video: Lions attack buffalo in front of tourists

Lions chase and bring down a limping buffalo on a road in Kruger, just metres away from tourists.

5 key points that will help you take better photos while on safari

Understand these 5 things about photography and you’re on your way to capturing great images while on safari.

The mesmerising red-billed queleas of Zakouma

Don’t miss the phenomena of tens of millions of red-billed queleas moving onto the periphery of Riguiek Pan in Zakouma National Park at the start of every year.

First penguins of the year hatch at SANCCOB

The first four African penguin eggs of 2016 have hatched at SANCCOB in Cape Town. Read about how these endangered chicks are reared and cared for.

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