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By the gap of a whisker – quality time with Hwange’s cheetah

Have you ever been so fixed on a particular far-off object that you failed to notice an opportunity right under your nose? This morning I was watching two cheetah brothers [...]

The secret life of a Wilderness housekeeper

You get back from a game drive covered in dust and sweat, open the door to your tent and voila, it’s just as it was the day you arrived – [...]

A tiny truck to remember

Out of the tall grass they emerged, with swaying gaits and thirsty upheld trunks. The arrival of these beautiful pachyderms was so in tune with the peaceful atmosphere and the [...]

Baeti Maheta – a legendary character of the Delta

Baeti Moheta is the airstrip manager in Wilderness Safaris Kwedi Concession, on the northernmost boundary of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. An incredibly lush myriad waterways and floodplains teem with wildlife, making [...]

Six things I learnt at Kalahari Plains

Kalahari Plains Camp is situated in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which supports a unique semi-desert ecosystem giving guests a chance to see sought-after species such as cheetah, aardvark, brown [...]

A very big Christmas gift in the Kalahari!

I sat at the breakfast table looking out over the Kalahari sandveld, enjoying a strawberry and chocolate muffin and thinking about how strange it felt to be so far from [...]

A game drive in the rain at Xigera

A game drive in the wind and rain has never got me jumping up and down with excitement; I’m a warm-weather kind of girl and getting wet and sticky while [...]

A swing with a view at Seba

In front of Seba Camp – fastened to the boughs of a magnificent sycamore fig – sways a steel-framed wooden wonder that is the best seat in the house! Not [...]

A bush dinner with a difference

There is something tremendously exciting about twilight hours in the bush. As darkness sneaks in, leadwood trees become works of art against a red-purple canvas, owls and nightjars replace the [...]

Testing BRCK’s Digital Education in Northern Kenya

Northern Kenya has always felt like it’s a different country, most Kenyans don’t seem to get north of Isiolo and it really is a forgotten place. This was made clear [...]

Waiting for rain

It began with a deep elephant-rumble; a shuddering that carried through the floor and up the wooden bedposts beside me as I lay sweating on top of my bedcovers, the [...]

A lioness defends her kill at Seba

We were transfixed as 126 kg of muscle moved beneath the lioness’ tawny-golden coat as she exploded into action against the yellow-billed bandit. It was a hard-earned meal so I [...]

The singing basket-weavers of Seba

I first noticed these gorgeous, intricately-woven baskets on the wall above my bed at Wilderness Safaris’ Seba Camp in the Okavango Delta. Each basket is an individual with earthy colours [...]