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Male lion surprises unsuspected leopard having a nap

“This is the intense moment caught on film of a bold lion sneaking up on an unsuspecting leopard having a nap.”

Baby crocodile vs baby impala

“Watch the heart-wrenching moment a baby impala and baby crocodile battle it out together. The winner? It may surprise you.”

Extremely close elephant encounter

“Silence is most definitely golden when it comes to being so up close and personal with this incredible giant tusker.”

Nerves of steel (or how to keep your composure in the African bush)

“This tracker did exactly the right thing by remaining calm while an elephant properly sniffed him out. Chances are it would have ended very differently had he panicked.”

Jackal kills stork in an epic battle

“Just one last stop before leaving the park led to the most unexpected sighting of an undaunted jackal taking on the meal of a lifetime. 28-year-old Civil Engineer, Dian Swanepoel, [...]

How to take advantage of a sticky situation

“Watch how Andrew, Patrick and their guests got to witness the Hollywood pride take down a buffalo from start to finish!”

Daring leopard takes the plunge

“The fishing leopards in the Savuti Channel in Botswana are known for their unique skills in catching fish. Epic hunting behaviour rarely seen.”

Leopard and mongoose play cat and mouse

“Hilarious video of a leopard and slender mongoose having a game of cat and mouse, almost like Tom and Jerry.”

Giraffe tries saving her calf from hunting lions

“Once in a lifetime sighting of lions seizing an opportunity to hunt a newborn giraffe! The mother of the giraffe tries her hardest to save her calf, but unfortunately she [...]

Waterbuck escapes the jaws of a crocodile

“Amazing video of a waterbuck standing peacefully in the water, when suddenly it disappears under the water. We soon see that it is a crocodile trying its luck to get [...]

Zebra knocks out baby warthog by kicking it in the head

“The footage, taken in South Africa, shows a zebra losing its temper when a young warthog gets too close.”