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SUPER CUTE: Wild dog puppies emerge for the first time

“Such a cute sighting of a pack of wild dogs’ new pups.”

Impala vs wild dogs vs crocodile vs hippo!

“This is a truly gripping sighting caught on film of what started out to be a regular wild dog hunt, but ended up as an action-packed turn of events!”

Porcupine takes on pride of lions (including rare white lion)

“Incredible video of the famous S100 mega pride of lions, including the famous white lion, finding a porcupine and trying to catch for their next snack. But this porcupine is [...]

Extremely quick leopard kill

“When following a leopard in the heat of the day, the last thing you would expect is to see a successful hunt! But Michael and the rest got to witness [...]

Baby hippo protects mother from lion

“Dramatic video of a baby hippo trying to protect its mother from a hungry lion!”