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What’s new at Shamwari Game Reserve?

With Spring in the air it’s been a busy time for staff and volunteers alike at Shamwari Game Reserve. Here’s what’s been going on: Animal Rehab Centre The vets and [...]

Shamwari conservation experience

Latest Shamwari News… It has been a very busy week for the vets and nurses at the Animal Rehab Centre here at Shamwari Game Reserve, with lots of new arrivals [...]

Water for elephants – and businesses, and the environment

Wild animals in care need water, of course, as do people and buildings. Put all this together and any conservation operation is looking at using a large quantity of water [...]

Rhino awareness day fun

September 22 was World Rhino Awareness Day, a sadly necessary event that aims to bring attention to the suffering of rhinos as individuals and a species as a result of [...]

Community challenges

Hello everyone! I have a little more to share from Graham at Shamwari. All the latest news from him and his students at the reserve, and it seems they’ve been [...]

Tales from the Mantis Academy

The Mantis Academy is a two month training program that has been devised specifically to train up those who want a career working as a field guide in Africa, while [...]

Where, oh where, is W12?

We’ve just been sent another update from Konrad at the Shamwari Game Reserve. They received a new intake of volunteers and set them straight to helping out. The first task [...]

A Day with Shamwari vets – Darting oryx bulls

Konrad from the Shamwari Game reserve took some of the vet students out on a darting exercise with assistant vet Dr. Stokoe. They were taken across the reserve in a [...]

Raptor and reptile rehabilitation centre – Addo park

Here is a great update from the Born Free Foundation – this month they are out and about at the Addo National Park, seeing how raptors and reptiles are being [...]

The Fundu library project

Over the last couple of weeks the conservation volunteers at Shamwari Game Reserve have been assisting Christine and the Born Free foundation/Shamwari education program in setting up a local community [...]

The new voice of conservation is…

There has been a brilliant competition running lately to find the New Voice of Conservation. The lucky winner would win the chance to spend a 1 to 3 month all [...]

A big gift from Holland to South Africa

At the start of this month, one of the schools supported by the Born Free Foundation, Môreson Primary, received a very special gift. The school is located in Paterson, a [...]

Update from the Shamwari Game Reserve: May

Just had an update from the Shamwari Game Reserve, and the students there have been involved in Veterinary work this past few months. They have enjoyed learning about the day [...]