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There’s a burgeoning DIY action cinema scene in Uganda: welcome to ‘Wakaliwood’

Deep in the Ugandan slum of Wakaliga, a thriving action film industry called Wakaliwood is emerging. The scene is a uniquely Ugandan mash-up of Western action films and Chinese Kung [...]

African start-ups are trying to build the perfect transport system

Africa’s rapidly developing socio-economic landscape provides fertile ground for tech-savvy business entrepreneurs. While the beautiful landscapes, ecosystems and feedback loops of mother nature seem to tick along with relentless rhythm, the [...]

Is Zuckerberg trying to trick Africa into thinking Facebook is the entire Internet?

There is a single principle that guides everything Facebook and its 10,000 employees do. Ubiquity. The more places Facebook can be, the more money it can make. The more data it [...]

Zimbabwe is keeping its elephants in the countryside – by shooting them with a chilli gun

Blasting an animal in the face with a burning chilli solution 50 times hotter than tabasco may not seem like the best way of keeping that animal alive – but that is [...]

‘East African Erin Brockovich’ wins prize for closing poisonous power plant

“The doctors said the lead reached my baby through my breast milk.” This was the moment when Phyllis Omido realised that the lead smelting plant she was working at was [...]

Permaculture ‘hippy movement’ is helping to alleviate poverty and hunger in Malawi

Malawi’s volatile climate presents serious challengers to its people. Eight months of drought have been followed by devastating floods, killing 176 people and displacing up to 200,000. Many blame the destruction on [...]

Meet AJ, the 2-year-old South African DJ with thousands of fans

Meet DJ AJ, a prodigious toddler who learnt to mix music before he could even speak.

This Imgur user has told the story of Liberia’s civil war through street signs and posters

Imgur user 5FrogMargin has documented Liberia’s second civil war, using nothing but his camera and the street signs and posters still standing in the conflict’s aftermath. 5FrogMargin began taking photos of the [...]

This man reviews books through car windows on a motorway in Johannesburg

Meet Philani Dladla, a young man from South Africa who defied all the odds to pursue his love of and evangelism for reading. The 24-year-old’s story is an outstanding tale of [...]

Earth’s last male Northern white rhino placed under 24-hour armed guard

The world’s only remaining male northern white rhino has been placed under 24-hour armed guard in a last ditch attempt to stave off poachers and save the species.

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