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Artificial intelligence in Africa

Image by Inmortal Producciones. Artificial intelligence (AI) was named over 60 years ago by a scientist called John McCarthy from Dartmouth College. It is now part of the fourth industrial [...]

5 serious waste issues in Africa

Whether it’s a product of the Palma ratio and localised poverty, the fact that the West dumps a lot of its e-waste on poor African nations, or the fact that [...]

Environmental and conservation projects to support in 2018

There are many benefits to conserving wildlife and our environment. Not only can we keep the earth’s ecosystem in balance, but conservation can help to prevent disasters such as floods, [...]

Disease prevention and management in Africa – Top killers are preventable

No continent has been harder hit than Africa when it comes to disease outbreak. Just this year alone, there has been cholera in Kenya and Zambia, the Marburg virus in [...]

Preparing for the next eclipse: 6 products for the best experience

Image by Gerrit Vermeulen (via It’s a rare and beautiful sight to see the sun blotted out by our tiny moon, but it is never more beautiful than witnessing [...]

The 3 best apps for travelling around South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the greatest creative minds. They have utilised some of the many fantastic opportunities offered by the latest technology to boost the tourism trade [...]

Fly tipping in Africa – A global issue, and a local one too

cc image via Albert Gonzalez Farran, UNAMID Illegal dumping of waste in public areas, otherwise known as fly tipping, is becoming a bigger and bigger problem worldwide. Despite the increased [...]

The African animals that are bouncing back

Africa is home to some of the world’s best loved and most fascinating animals, with large predators that sweep the savannahs, huge herds of grazing herbivores and monkeys, apes and [...]

African oil: A new era, or a brief fling?

For all the many environmental headlines we’re used to reading about Africa, surprisingly few of them ever seem to concern oil. We’re entirely accustomed to following the ups and downs [...]

Are African businesses finally ready to go green?

Those of you keeping an eye on Africa’s varying eco credentials over the past few years may have noticed an exciting trend beginning to emerge of late. We’ve known for [...]

SPACE Exhibition: Exploring Africa’s sustainable properties

This June 13-14, Nairobi will play host to an exciting workshop and networking event under the acronym SPACE (Sustainable Properties Africa Conference & Exhibition). The aim of the two-day showcase, [...]

A decade of Fairtrade impact for Liberation

2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of Liberation Foods, the UK-based Fairtrade, farmer-owned nut company that has gone from strength to strength in its first decade and now supplies a host [...]

What next for Africa’s biofuel industries?

The sentencing of a supposed US biofuel entrepreneur on fraud charges earlier this year drew something of a line under a distinctly unsavoury saga, but it only told one small [...]

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