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Michael Poliza

Michael Poliza is a German photographer who became world renowned for his books “Africa”, and “Eyes Over Africa”. His Flickr profile is nothing less than extraordinary, and provides African wildlife photography like no other. Be sure to check it out!

Album Highlights:

Michael Poliza Official Website

Eyes Over Africa Video

Arno & Louise

Stunning African wildlife pictures taken from the wild side, not zoos! All the images are from Africa, and were captured over a 25+ year period. In other words, these guys are true professionals who definitely know what they’re talking about!


  • Incredible Bird Shots (500).
  • The African Elephant.
  • Babies in the Wild.


Kim Wolhuter was born in Southern Africa and is now sharing his view of African nature through his camera lens. Professional wildlife filmmaker and photographer who values wildlife awareness and sustainable development.

Must Sees:

Follow Their African Wildlife Adventures!

Wild Images

Photography by Callie de Wet, based in South Africa. If you’re more of a birder you’ll love this particular profile!

Watch Out For:


Andy Goodman is a master in animal close-ups, portraits and bird life! From Durban South Africa, this guy is simply a genious! 🙂

Super Duper Photos:

Wild Dogger

Thomas Retterath is a German photographer who particularly fancies his trips in the Okavango Delta, and with a soft spot for wild dogs! I’d have to agree with him, especially since it’s one of the only animals I have never seen (yet) in the African bush! 🙂

Most Precious Photos:

Andrew Molinaro

Professional safari guide who grew up in Kenya, now working as a walking guide in Africa’s largest game reserve: the Selous! Incredible sightings, and extreme on foot close-ups with some of Africa’s largest mammals (e.g. the elephant)!

Molinaro Specials:

Lyndon Firman

IT Manager sharing his love of the African bushveld with the world! Totally exquisite work! 🙂 Most of his pics were either taken in the Masai Mara (Kenya), or at Mala Mala in South Africa.

Top Notch Favs:


Anna from Milan, totally in love with her camera! 🙂 You can definitely tell…

Que Bellissima:


One of my all time favourite profile on Flickr! Peteris a remarkable photographer who resides in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Love the way he captures his interests, especially bird life! Did you see his crocodile pic? One of the best pictures I’ve ever come across! 🙂

Lekker Shots:


Pietro Luraschi is a safari guide originally from Italy. His photographic style is truly unique, and some of his pics are undoubtedly masterpieces!

Pietro’s Selection:


Willie van Schalkwyk, South Africa. An amateur photographer who looks like a pro! 🙂 His wife Gerda is also a keen safari enthusiast, and they often venture together on various photo expeditions.

Best Safari Shots:

Jose Cortes III

Certainly one of the best Flickr profiles if you’re looking for majestic scenes of the Okavango Delta!

Breathtaking Stuff:


Hennie van Heerden, The Netherlands. Hennie sees photography as a hobby, yet her work reflects so much more in so many ways! Her pictures have it all: emotions, drama, action…a marvel for the eyes! Although she doesn’t focus her attention entirely on African wildlife, her portrayals of the old continent are absolutely exquisite! Very hard to pick a winner, yet I must admit one of her impala scenes is extra special. Enjoy! 😉

Hennie’s “Besties” :):

Other Great Flickr Resources

Additional Flickr Profiles Worth Having A Look:

  1. Peet van Schalkwyk’s Photostream.
  2. Olivier DELAERE’s Photostream.
  3. CherylV’s Photostream.
  4. WildImagesSome of the Best Wildlife Images on Flickr! All for Sale!
  5. WildScreen Festival– Celebrates and Promotes Wildlife and Environmental Film making!

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