Best places to explore on an African Safari this season

Game-hunting safaris are a thing of the past. Nowadays, adventure travelers want to explore Africa for its sheer beauty, abundant wildlife, and intriguing culture. Tanzania and Kenya remain extremely popular options, although in the past few years South Africa and Uganda have increased in popularity as well.

There’s a wealth of safari options in Africa, and sometimes making a choice is hard. It’s all about what you want to see and do as soon as you step foot on African territory.

Here are some of the best places to explore this season, on an adventurous safari trip to one of the world’s most diverse and puzzling continents in the world.

Namibia – Etosha National Park

Namibia is famous for its rugged coastlines, stark beauty, and breathtaking landscapes. The imposing dunes almost look like mountains, and the natural-born perfection of the surroundings will make travelers fall in love with the scenery.

In terms of safaris, the best option you have is to explore Etosha National Park where you’ll admire some of the world’s tallest and most statuesque elephants. Among other animals that might cross your path we should also mention cheetah, black rhino, and big cats. There are many upmarket lodges and comfortable camps on site, as well as guided safari trips.

Okavango Delta – Botswana

Botswana is Africa’s richest and most stable democracy. It has an excellent infrastructure, and places of interest you can explore are truly memorable. Those hunting for the perfect safari trip should start their adventure with Chobe National Park, a top-tier game destination that will leave you speechless.

Another place you should include in your itinerary is the Okavango Delta, also known as Africa’s “Eden”. The vast ecosystem was formed at the flowing of the Okavango River straight into the beautiful Kalahari Desert.

The unique pulsing wetland spans on nearly 15,000 square kilometers, and a large portion of the territory is made up of small islands. One of the largest ones, known as Chief’s Island, took shape on a tectonic fault line.

The Delta’s iconic wildlife draws in thousands of tourists annually. The birds, sights, people, and ultimately the customs and traditions of the whole territory make Botswana a must-explore safari destination this season.

Kenya – Masai Mara

Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve is one of Africa’s most astonishing safari destinations. The dramatic game viewing and overall scenery are just breathtaking. Everywhere you look you’ll see scattered acacia woodlands and rolling grasslands.

As far as the wildlife is concerned, Masai Mara is home to the famous Big Five. Between the months of July and October, adventurers can admire the annual wildebeest migration.

If you’re looking for accommodation in the area, Naibor Camp is an excellent choice. It is hidden between the riverine woodlands of the Talek River, and provides extremely comfortable lodging.

Those searching for a memorable safari trip should also head to Enasoit, a popular destination with deserted beaches where you can get by sea or helicopter (and get the chance to enjoy a safari experience by air). Located on Laikipia Plateau, the Enasoit Game Sanctuary is right at the foot of Mount Kenya.


Unique backdrops and unrivaled guides are Zimbabwe’s main assets. The lush mountains and laidback towns will instantly awake your interest. One of the best attractions is Hwange National Park, where travelers can admire beautiful elephants and at the same time relish at the stunning Victoria Falls.

Travelers can lodge at the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, where they can choose from the various appointed luxury cottages available that best matches with their preferences.

The atmosphere on site is extremely relaxed and laidback. The vibrant bird-life, the wide variety of zebras and giraffes, and the elephants dominating the premises will make your safari experience truly unforgettable.

In terms of activities you can do while exploring Zimbabwe, we should mention bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge, water rafting on the Zambezi River, and safari trips through Zimbabwe’s national parks.

What’s not to like about Africa when there’s so much to see and do here? The wildlife, the people, the territories, and the activities are absolutely mind-blowing.

They say we should explore a place we’ve never seen before at least once a year. This year, you should try a safari South Africa trip. Venture into the wild and gaze at the world’s most unbelievable places in the world!

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