Best safari honeymoon destinations in Africa

When considering honeymoon destinations in Africa, there are really only two places worth your time. One: Namibia, is a starkly beautiful wilderness of bleached grasses and blazing sunsets. The other, Tanzania, is a richly diverse landscape with everything from cool, airy mountains to hot desert plateaus.

But where among these African gems should you take your honeymoon? With two countries full of possibilities, where should you choose to land? Here are a few ideas.


The most common Namibia honeymoon is taken in the Kunene region, where you’ll find endless deserts and acacia trees. But don’t let the rustic scenery fool you: it’s also home to Epupa Falls, a foamy, romantic waterfall that draws hundreds of visitors each year, and a curious traveller might even find fields of Dioptase, or emerald green minerals.

Another popular Namibia honeymoon destination is the Karas region, home to the Great Karas Mountains. Climb to the top of these cliffs and enjoy a 360° degree view of the valleys below, or set up camp for a breathtaking sunrise shared with the person you love.

Not interested in such remote locations? Try Outjo, a thriving tourist town with shops, restaurants and hotels. Not only will you enjoy modern amenities on your Namibia honeymoon, but if you change your mind about a trip through nature, Outjo is only a short distance from Etosha National Park.


Your Tanzania honeymoon experience will depend on which part of the country you choose to explore. North and south are entirely different regions, and as such you can expect entirely different trips from both.

Let’s say you decide to take a Tanzania honeymoon in the north. You might want to begin with a trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro, a mountain so tall it’s capped with snow even in the heart of Africa. It’s a lovely miracle to begin a marriage!

Or maybe you’re more interested in the typical safari experience, one that can be found in Serengeti National Park, where the annual wildebeest migration is considered one of the top wonders of the modern world.

Southern Tanzania also beckons. This is where you’ll find the serious kinds of safari, ones filled with lions and leopards and grazing giraffe. Check out the Selous Game Reserve for wildlife watching or the quaint towns of Mbeya for a taste of authentic African culture.

You might also want to dip your toe into Lake Tanganyika, a gentle oasis located on the East African Rift. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience for a one-of-a-kind Tanzania honeymoon!

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