Best wildlife hotspots in Africa

Global tourists tired of tame, hum drum holiday destinations often look to the African continent for unparalleled beauty, exotic wildlife, and dramatic geographic landscapes.

Few places on earth can make these claims like the African countries of Tanzania, Uganda, and Botswana.

Hunters and adventure seekers have always sought out the African plains because it is home to a variety of wild game animals.

Today, a variety of luxury, guided wildlife adventures are available to thrill seekers without sacrificing modern holiday comforts.

Tanzania: East African Coastal Jewel

Tanzania is a country rich in history, varied topography, and natural resources. It is the site of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and it just so happens that the inhabitants were hunter gatherers.

Traditionally, these Cushite hunters were not on a scenic Tanzania safari but stalked their prey for adequate sustenance.

Today, Tanzania’s wildlife enjoys a measure of protection within several of its national parks and game reserves so that future generations may view the animals for years to come.

Tanzania safari excursions allow visitors to explore Africa’s Serengeti where they may comfortably view the largest group of land mammals such as gazelles, zebras, and lions.

After going on a Tanzania safari adventure, tourists may also visit the many coastal, East African beaches as well as Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest mountain.

Ugandan Treasures

Tanzania and its northern neighbour of Uganda have not always seen eye to eye politically, but topographically they have many things in common. For example, visitors on a visit to Uganda will see abundant mountain ranges and wildlife national parks.

Uganda holidays may include such wildlife adventures as white water rafting, game fishing, and of course safari sightseeing.

This East African country, which straddles the equator, is known for its large population of gorillas and the investigative studies about the endangered primates conducted by Dian Fossey.

While on Uganda holidays, visitors may visit the gorillas in their natural habitat via guided naturalist tours into the dense tropical rainforests.

Botswana’s Rare African Elephant Safari

Wildlife enthusiasts will get the thrill of a lifetime exploring Botswana’s national parks and game reserves while on safari. One of the country’s most popular national parks is Chobe National Park, located in the district for which it was named.

The area’s large population of African elephants provide the main attraction for guided Botswana safari tours.

Botswana also boasts some of the most luxurious accommodations found on the African plains.

Chitabe & Chitabe Lediba Camp, which is nestled against the Moremi Game Reserve, provides a comfortable repose after an exciting day on safari.

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