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Some 30 hours in a Tanzanian park encapsulated in a single image

American photographer Stephen Wilkes spent over 27 hours in the Serengeti national park to create the perfect composite image. Patience is a virtue, and the following provides evidence of this. In “Day to Night” Wilkes captures special moments in time, then rearranges them into a final piece of layered images. Day To Night, Serengeti National […]

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Martin Njekwa trying to track a collared leopard

How to track the elusive African leopard

We’ve tracked cheetahs in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, lions near Mapungubwe National Park and desert-adapted rhino in Kunene. But this was our first time tracking leopards at Okonjima Nature Reserve in Namibia and our expectations were not high. First, rangers and guides often quip that you don’t see leopards, they allow you to see them. […]

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maximum concentration

Capturing moments of pure enjoyment through sport

Taking notes from how our great partners at United Through Sport work with children, we (at Snap) incorporated the universal language of sports into our lessons this year. Combining football or netball with photography we work on different tasks as groups, in pairs and individually. Completely exhausting for our volunteer teachers and often terrifying when […]

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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Africa tops 2016 travel polls

Africa has been making its mark in the 2016 travel polls; Lonely Planet naming Botswana as the best country to visit, Nat Geo placing Uganda in their top ten places to see the world’s wildlife, and Kenya, the possible film set for Angelina Jolie’s big screen biopic of palaeoanthropologist, Richard Leakey. East Africa as a […]

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Could southern Africa eliminate malaria by 2018?

Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland are close to completely eliminating malaria, and by 2018, hope to join Mauritius and the Seychelles, who are already free of the disease. This development is now becoming an example for countries further north in Africa, who are still struggling with out-dated methods and ineffective attempts to control malaria. […]

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© Courtesy IEFTA (Hermon Hailay)

5 films directed by African women that confront gender stereotypes

We are approaching a new age where women are challenging the patriarchal conditions of African cinema – rapidly gaining a voice in a male dominated industry. Subjects have ranged from coming-of-age to female empowerment to romantic troubles. Here are five worthy examples of this revolution in African cinema. “Ayanda” by Sara Blecher Ayanda is a 21-year-old […]

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sustainable development goals

What do the Sustainable Development Goals really mean for global poverty?

Most people haven’t heard about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And if you have, there’s probably a rosy halo emanating from the deep recesses of your subconscious. If so, the UN, the World Bank, the Gates Foundation,, Save the Children and other counterparts of the charitable-industrial complex have done their job well. […]

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