“Bum” Beauty Contest in the African Bush

Author: Michael Theys

December 17, 2009

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Jambo rafiki!

As some of you may know Miss World 2009 just took place at the Gallagher Convention Center in Johannesburg, and it is a young lady from Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino, who was crowned this year’s Miss World. As a result, I decided to do a beauty contest of my own: a fun “bum” beauty competition for the animals of the bush! :) ;)

Here are the nominees for Africa’s Backside of the Year

1. Mrs Rhino & Co

2. Mr and Miss Giraffe

3. Zebra Contestants

4. Elephant Nominees

5. Springbok Delight

6. Kudu “Especial”

7. Wildebeest Beauty

8. Impala Favs

9. Waterbucks: The “Lords” of the Rings :)

And the AWARD GOES TO…???

Please comment below to attribute a winner! ;)


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10 Responses to ““Bum” Beauty Contest in the African Bush”

  1. Johan Knols says:


    I had such a laugh at this blogpost. Yes, everybody comes home with 'bum-shots'. But my favorite has always been the zebra's. (And I will not explaiin why!!)

    Cheers my friend, well done.

  2. Anil says:

    It's close between the rhino and zebra, but I'll give the rhino the final count. They probably don't win very many beauty contests :)

  3. Christine says:

    All cute and funny in their own way, but the "Best Bum" award has to go to the beautiful Waterbuck! No contest!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this article :)

  4. Morgane says:

    Can i post one? ;-) My fav: waterbucks.

  5. Lisa says:

    Best bum is by far the waterbuck!

  6. Carryl Edwards says:

    They are all beautiful, but I’d have to say my favorite is the Zebra. Great photos!

  7. africafreak says:

    Thanks for all your comments so far everyone, I can see a clear favourite already…

    Can the odds be turned around? Keep on commenting, we will soon find out… ;)

    Must admit mine is a little different: I just LOVE the impala bum! :) Perhaps it's because of the M shape (my name is Michael…)?! And no, it has nothing to do with Mc Donalds!


  8. rich Laburn says:

    I think the Rhino has got the best shape

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