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Karibu sign

Kiswahili and the Use of ‘Ni’ (Part 2)

Continuing on from the first lesson here’s more uses of ‘ni‘. When generally referring to location, we also use this very important suffix. In other words it can be used as a preposition as in: i) I am going to the market= ninaenda sokoni ii) I am at the market= nipo sokoni iii) There are […]

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Kiswahili and the Use of ‘Ni’ (Part 1)

Unlike in English where you don’t really have to specify whether you are referring to one person or more than one, in Swahili we go to great pains to do this! How exactly is it done? You simply add “ni” at the end of the word in question. So before I confuse you any further, […]

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Punda milia

How to Learn Common Animal Names in Swahili

Here’s a list of the most common animal names you may come across on your African safari, and their direct translation into Swahili. Enjoy and happy learning! Animal – Mnyama Antelope – Paa Baboon – Nyani Bird(s) – Ndege Buffalo – Nyati Bushbaby (Lesser) – Kombo Cheetah – Duma Chimpanzee – Sokwe Crocodile – Mamba […]

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Nelson Mandela Before Prisoner - Beyond President

Who is Nelson Mandela?

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” – Nelson Mandela

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Winelands country Tim Parkinson

History of the South African Wine Industry

South Africa is hailed for its thriving wine industry, which has helped contribute to the number of tourists who visit the country each year. With a history dating back to the 1600s, the story of how South Africa came to be one of the leading countries in the wine industry is a fascinating one. Beginning […]

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Zulu Tribe

South Africa Myths and Legends

South Africa is a country rich in history and culture, containing some of the world’s oldest archaeological sites, and has accumulated a series of myths and legends over the years to reflect the country’s personality. Due to the number of civilisations which inhabit South Africa, there are an endless variety of stories to be told, […]

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Afrikaans – A South African Language

South Africa is such a diverse country with incredible natural scenery and a fascinating cultural experience. Most travellers take flights to Johannesburg as their first port of call when visiting the country. From Joburg, consider travelling to Cape Town and Durban. As you cross the country, you’ll notice significant differences in the native languages. South […]

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Pepe Haze & the Paramedikz enjoying the vibe at Nairobi's monthly WAPI events (courtesy of Pepe Haze)

Go Crazy About Kenya – An Interview with Pepe Haze

Crazy About Kenya is a website featuring a group of talented musicians and artists from Africa’s wildlife capital. Earlier this year, the grassroots URL was nominated for a Travolution award under the category of Best Travel Information Website and Acacia Africa, the tour operator behind the project, regularly publicizes Nairobi based art exhibitions, poetry nights […]

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The beautiful Drakensberg tower over Tzaneen

The Land of Modjadji, the Rain Queen

Limpopo, South Africa’s most northern province, is a place of mystery where visitors can unlock the key to ancient tribal cultures while sampling breathtaking natural beauty. This is prime African bushveld – wide open expanses of beautiful flat scrub, dotted with small acacia thorn trees and marked by curious granite outcrops and inselbergs. Towards the […]

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Samburu moran jumping

Goba vs Samburu Dancing

In these two clips it’s nice to compare the cultural differences between the Goba people of the Chiawa community in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi valley (Muguramena village), and the Samburu tribespeople of Ol Malo in Kenya’s Laikipia region, close to the Great Rift Valley. 1. Goba People Dance – Chiawa Community, Zambia Dancing is an integral […]

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