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Flora mapping flora: Unlocking the nutrition in Benin’s sacred forests

In the tropical forests of Benin, far below the towering ebony, shea and mahogany trees, one can find an abundance of riches. Mongoose, warthogs and chameleons scamper through lush foliage, made up of a dazzling array of nutrition-rich plant species. Benin is home to around 3,000 varieties of flora, including baobab trees, whose fruit boasts six times […]

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Cameroon is training an army of entrepreneurs to start clean energy businesses

Cameroon, plagued by electricity shortages and climate stresses, is training a new generation of students to develop renewable energy businesses, according to a report on The West-Central African nation’s higher education institutions are stepping up their efforts to provide students with the skills that they need to embark on careers in the development and proliferation of […]

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Africa’s super vegetables are booming – but will success lead to downfall?

Everybody is getting very excited indeed about the rise and rise of Africa’s indigenous ‘super’ vegetables. Amaranth, nightshade and jute are just a few of the super-nutritious crops emerging from obscure specialised markets and rural populations to conquer metropolitan plates continent-wide. But with the bountiful success and rush to mass-produce comes the disastrous possibility of over-breeding. Will the […]

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10 fascinating facts about the pangolin

The pangolin holds one of the most undesirable titles imaginable: that of the world’s most trafficked animal. The scaly anteater’s body parts are sold in China and Vietnam as a delicacy or are used for their mythical healing properties. The beautiful pangolin is now so endangered that it has been put under the protection of international law. In […]

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This map shows how modern day Africa would fit into prehistoric supercontinent Pangea

Imagine traveling from Brazil to the Congo, Pakistan to Somalia or even Mozambique to Antarctica – without setting foot on water. Well, clearly you’ve missed your chance by a fair few years, as the supercontinent of Pangea no longer exists. It started tearing itself apart 200 million years ago to slowly begin forming the continents and […]

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How many of Africa’s great river basins can you name without looking at this map first?

Africa’s great rivers source their water from a startlingly diverse range of basins. They encompass sandy deserts, vast savannahs and some of the largest, stickiest tropical forests on Earth. As the awesome map above shows, the African continent resembles a giant topographical sea-saw; with southern and eastern areas rising further than 2,500 metres above sea level while most of northern and […]

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A San Francisco biotech startup is 3D printing rhino horns to defeat poachers

You know what they say: A 3D printer is a conservationist’s best friend. Or at least, according to an American biotech firm that is using 3D printing technology to produce synthetic horns and curb rhino poaching. Pembient, who recently graduated from a startup accelerator program in San Francisco, are planning to flood the Chinese market with fakes […]

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Botswana speaks: The do’s and don’ts of taking drones on safari

An admission: 99% of this article is don’ts. Drones are a contentious subject to many, especially safari-goers. Camera-carrying unmanned helicopters can get tourists the perfect shot – but they can also disturb the experience of nature and wildlife that they are trying to capture. A spike in drones finding their way onto safari and conservation areas […]

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Even more super simple recipes for Africa’s super vegetables

Richer in protein, vitamins and iron than traditional non-indigenous crops like collard greens and kale, it’s no wonder that Africa’s super vegetables are currently enjoying a boom in popularity. Get in on the trend by checking out and trying the scrumptious, healthy and super simple African super vegetable recipes below. Part one of this feature looked at […]

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Six super simple recipes for Africa’s super vegetables

Both nutritional experts and agricultural researchers are excited by the growing taste for indigenous ‘super’ vegetables in Africa. Amaranth, nightshade and jute are just a few of the crops emerging from the obscurity of hard-to-find specialised markets and rural populations by slowly finding their way onto metropolitan plates continent-wide. Richer in protein, vitamins and iron […]

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Grave diggers in Ethiopia discover dazzling 2,000-year-old treasures that reveal link to Ancient Rome

An “extraordinary” haul of ancient treasures from the Roman empire and Aksumite kingdom have been discovered by archeologists in northern Ethiopia. The discoveries include everything from luxurious jewellery to bronze trinkets and ancient makeup. Louise Schofield had been heading a major six-week excavation of the ancient city of Aksum, whose kingdom ruled swathes of north-east Africa for several centuries before […]

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