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swimming African penguins

Swimming with the African Penguin at Boulders Beach

Remember my previous post: Swimming with dolphins at Kizimkazi? Well this time, I’ve decided to let you discover another great African destination: Boulders Beach, near Cape Town. The protagonists of today’s story are not dolphins nevertheless. Rather, they are very pretty little creatures: African Penguins! Location Boulders beach is situated in Simon’s Town, a little […]

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Hippo scenic

A Very Unusual Pet: Jessica the Hippo

Meet Jessica, A Hippo Like No Other! Hello all! I’ve had a lot of pets in my young life: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs…even a bush baby! But a hippo…WOW is the word! The images are truly amazing! Especially since the animal is considered as one of the most dangerous wild creatures in Africa! Hard to believe […]

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Running lion

Top 10 Most Amazing Animal Footage

1. Battle at Kruger: A Fight for Survival! Perhaps THE most amazing video of the last century… Watch it until the very end…absolutely breathtaking stuff!!! 2. Christian the Lion: The Most Incredible Story! The images speak for themselves! Enjoy 3. A Young Leopard Makes a New Friend! Check out what this leopard finds out once […]

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Etosha (213).JPG Twitter 3

Interesting Facts About the Giraffe

For obvious reasons, giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. With an eternal neck like that, no wonder, you might say!!! It almost seems as if they come from another planet… Apart from its unmistakably long and unusual neck, what do you really know about the giraffe??? Any ideas? Why don’t we find out […]

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African Buffalo Big 5

All You Have to Know About The Big 5

In the African Safari jargon, quite often people talk about “The Big Five”! “I would like to see the big 5″, OR “Please sir, may we try to find the big 5“?! While this term seems obvious and explicit to me nowadays, I must admit the first time I heard the expression I was like: […]

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How to Swim with Dolphins

Today I’m going to write about one of my “dream come true” experiences: swimming with dolphins! I know for some of you this is something special you have always dreamt of! Well guess what…you can do it right away! What are you waiting for? Got your mask, snorkel and flippers…ready for an unforgettable swim? The […]

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