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It’s time to go to Mozambique

There’s no denying Mozambique has a chequered past – 15 years of civil war followed by low level infighting between the country’s opposing parties. But, with last year’s peace agreement signed between the then Mozambican President, Armando Guebuza and Remano Leader Afonso Dhlakama, uneventful elections and the more recent removal of the UK FCO advisory […]

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Flora mapping flora: Unlocking the nutrition in Benin’s sacred forests

In the tropical forests of Benin, far below the towering ebony, shea and mahogany trees, one can find an abundance of riches. Mongoose, warthogs and chameleons scamper through lush foliage, made up of a dazzling array of nutrition-rich plant species. Benin is home to around 3,000 varieties of flora, including baobab trees, whose fruit boasts six times […]

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Cameroon is training an army of entrepreneurs to start clean energy businesses

Cameroon, plagued by electricity shortages and climate stresses, is training a new generation of students to develop renewable energy businesses, according to a report on The West-Central African nation’s higher education institutions are stepping up their efforts to provide students with the skills that they need to embark on careers in the development and proliferation of […]

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The founder of the Barack Obama University has gone into hiding

The Barack Obama University in Kenya has been closed – before it even had the chance to open its doors. The unregistered institution in Ndenderu, Kiambu county was recently shut down by the Commission of University Education, after failing to comply with pretty much every rule regarding setting up a higher education establishment. Named after the incumbent US President, […]

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Botswana speaks: The do’s and don’ts of taking drones on safari

An admission: 99% of this article is don’ts. Drones are a contentious subject to many, especially safari-goers. Camera-carrying unmanned helicopters can get tourists the perfect shot – but they can also disturb the experience of nature and wildlife that they are trying to capture. A spike in drones finding their way onto safari and conservation areas […]

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$1 for 35,000,000,000,000,000 old dollars: Zimbabwe’s new eye-watering exchange rate

In Zimbabwe, quadrillions of local dollars are currently being exchanged for just a few US dollars, as President Mugabe’s government begins phasing out its virtually worthless national currency. The Zimbabwean dollar has been plagued by hyperinflation for the best part of a decade. Since 2009, government and locals have almost exclusively been using the US dollar and […]

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Philippine teenager flies to Sudan specialist for life-saving heart surgery

A teenager from the Philippines has been flown to Sudan to undergo life-saving surgery at a world-leading Khartoum hospital specialising in complex heart operations. Reynaldo Nilo was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease two years ago and his fate looked increasingly desperate until his family heard about the specialist charity-run unit in the Sudanese capital. “I am extremely […]

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Is cryptocurrency tech about to revolutionise land rights in Northern Ghana?

A remarkable solution to Africa’s land rights question is gaining traction in Northern Ghana. By registering land titles on a block chain style database Africa Youth Peace Call (AYPC) believe that they can put an end to the confusion regarding, and the resulting below-par productivity of, land in Africa. The group are leading the charge to […]

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Grave diggers in Ethiopia discover dazzling 2,000-year-old treasures that reveal link to Ancient Rome

An “extraordinary” haul of ancient treasures from the Roman empire and Aksumite kingdom have been discovered by archeologists in northern Ethiopia. The discoveries include everything from luxurious jewellery to bronze trinkets and ancient makeup. Louise Schofield had been heading a major six-week excavation of the ancient city of Aksum, whose kingdom ruled swathes of north-east Africa for several centuries before […]

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Trevor Noah sums up FIFA corruption scandal in one perfect line

South African comedian Trevor Noah has offered his thoughts on the ongoing scandal currently enveloping world football’s governing body, Fifa. The acerbic comic is currently in South Africa for a string of shows at Montecasino, Johannesburg and while promoting his month-long ‘Lost In Translation’ residency on Radio 702’s Redi Tlhabi show last Wednesday (June 3), Noah couldn’t resist […]

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