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Top 5 Reasons to Use Africa Freak Top

Top 5 Reasons to Use Africa Freak Top

If you aren’t familiar with Africa Freak Top yet, you may be interested in my previous entry on how to keep up with what is happening in Africa. For those of you who might be wondering how to use Africa Freak Top, here’s 5 key reasons to get you started: 1. Enhanced Online Reading Experience […]

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Africa Freak Blog New Look - October 2014

Change is in the Air

Jambo rafiki! As you may have noticed, change is in the air and the Africa Freak Blog is undergoing a little “facelift”! Hopefully the new homepage will provide a better navigation experience, especially if you are one of those mobile “freaks” as the blog design is now fully responsive (mobile-friendly). What do you think of […]

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SaveInongwe Campaign Acacia Africa Truck

Help Us #SaveInongwe

Recently we celebrated World Rhino Day. An annual event held on 22 September, the date brings people together from across the globe in a bid to save these loveable members of the Big Five. Sadly, the facts speak for themselves: over 1,000 of South Africa’s rhinos killed by poachers in 2013. This year the story […]

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Watch African Wildlife LIVE…From Your Sofa!

Guess who came down for a drink this morning at Djuma Waterhole? Yeah, that’s right: a thirsty elephant! And it even went for a little swim… Spraying some “natural sunscreen” with its trunk… And saying “hi” to its virtual friends! Luckily for me, the whole family joined in for a “splash party” later on in […]

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That’s It, I’ve Got My Ticket!

Yeah that’s right, I’ve got my plane ticket to return to Africa, yipie! When am I leaving? On July 15, 2013. Next week Monday to be exact! Where to? To magical Kenya! I will be landing in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and a place I used to know quite well back in the days (used to […]

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Back to Africa…

That’s right, I’ve decided to return to Africa! I don’t exactly know how yet, or under what conditions, but one thing for sure is that my life belongs over there, and that I want to get involved in African wildlife and conservation matters in a much more concrete way! My dream? To be able to […]

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How to Find African Travel Jobs Online

I came across the following website the other day, and thought it might be useful to those of you looking for a specific travel job in Africa. In a nutshell, “Lodge Staff” is great for two categories of people: 1. Job Seekers For people looking for a particular job in the African travel industry. For […]

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AfricaFreak Season's greetings 2013 final

“Kuwa Na Krismasi Njema” – FREE Christmas Gift

Dear rafikis (friends), “Kuwa Na Krismasi Njema” (Merry Christmas – Swahili) to you all! “Christmas… is not an external event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart.” Freya Stark As a FREE Christmas gift, I’ve decided to share my “Safari Tips 101″ ebook. While it was previously only […]

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Bringing Disney’s African Cats to Life

Finally Disney’s latest Disneynature documentary film African Cats has hit cinema screens across the UK. As part of the new Disneynature series, African Cats is an epic true story set in one of the wildest places on Earth: Kenya’s Masai Mara. The documentary, narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, follows the story of both lion and […]

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