Do’s and Don’ts in a National Park

Author: Michael Theys

November 10, 2011

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- Bring comfortable clothing and gear up for your outing in the bush. Don’t forget your insect repellent, a good torch, sunblock and a hat, a pair of binoculars, and your latest camera model! ;)

- Pay your entrance fee and keep your permit with you at all times.

Serengeti Fees...

- Take as many pictures as you want and experience the peace and calmness of the African bush.

- Enjoy the wildlife and Africa’s exquisite sunset with a cup of tea, biscuits or a nice cold beer.

Allowed activities: guided game drives and walks, camping (only in designated areas) and/or mountain bike trails (not in big 5 areas).


- Pet free zone. Pets are not allowed inside any African national park as they may interact, harm (or get harmed) by the local fauna.

- Gun free zone. For obvious reasons, guns are also forbidden. The only people who are allowed a gun are the local guides and some of the staff.

- Don’t interplay with wild animals. NB: Touching the game is prohibited!

- Do not feed the game (as they may get sick). Feeding wild animals also establishes a dependency cycle and this is definitely not how things ought to be.

Ironic, isn't it?! :)

- Only drive on allowed roads.

- Hanging out of vehicles/unattended walks are forbidden. Inadvertent tourists are looking for trouble!

- Overnight stays are only allowed in designated areas (camping areas, lodges, etc.).

- Overspeeding is not accepted. In most national parks, the allowed speed is between 30 and 50 km/h max. In some instances (on tarred roads for example), travel speed may reach 60-65 kph.

- National parks have strict opening/closing hours. Make sure you leave the park entry before dark.

Ngorongoro Gate Entry Times.

- Keep your noise levels low at all times (especially at night). Noise is a nuisance to both guests and animals.

- Drunken behavior is not tolerated, and alcohol may not be consumed in public areas nor in your private vehicle.

- What you see in a national park must remain that way. In other words, removing firewood or disrupting the flora are an absolute no no.

- Smoking/making fire is prohibited.

- Do not litter.

SANParks Rules and Regulations Illustrated (VIDEO)

“Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!” ;)


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