LATEST WEBSITE UPDATE: The End of the Tunnel is Near…

Author: Michael Theys

January 16, 2012

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Dear AfricaFreak friends,

I know I’ve been rather quiet lately (and I do apologize for this), however there are a lot of things going on since the start of this New Year, and (un)fortunately I am no super human (yet)! :)

As you’ve probably noticed, is still in a “work in progress” stage, though the end of the tunnel is definitely near.

In fact, you can already see the new homepage, but there are still a few bugs to be fixed (like the thumbnail generation, article preview, etc.).

I will get you updated as soon as possible, and you’ll hopefully be able to benefit from the new features VERY soon.

Until next time, have a “fantabulous” year 2012! ;)

Michaƫl aka AfricaFreak


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