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The falls from the air - a helicopter flip is a must.

Victoria Falls – the Capital of Excitement

There have been few times in my life when sheer excitement has rendered me speechless. And even fewer when that excitement has caused my mouth to hang open in a zombie-like gawp. Indeed, there has only been one instance, thus far, when both things happened simultaneously in one stomach-churning moment of extreme amazement and incredulity… […]

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Rhino Awareness Day Fun

September 22 was World Rhino Awareness Day, a sadly necessary event that aims to bring attention to the suffering of rhinos as individuals and a species as a result of illegal hunting. Conservation groups in South Africa are working to inform government leaders about this ongoing problem and the need to be much tougher on […]

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“Hit by an Antelope While Mountain Biking”

Let’s set the scene right, shall we?! It’s another warm sunny day in the African savannah, and Evan van der Spuy, South African Mountain Bike Racer from Team Jeep, is taking part in the Time Freight MTB Express Mountain race just outside Pietermaritzburg. Behind him is fellow partner Travis Walker, not competing on the day, […]

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Robertson – a Place of Wine, Mountains and Endless Vistas

Mention the words “wine route” and “the Cape” and immediately the towns of Stellenbosch, Franschoek and Paarl come to mind, together with the big vineyards such as Boschendal, Nederburg and Neethlingshof. Which is all well and good if mainstream tourist attractions are what appeal to you. But if you love wine, scenery, great restaurants, quaint […]

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How to Survive in the African Savannah

Many people visit the African continent: while some enjoy holidays to Egypt others look to explore the wide-open plains of the Savannah. Holidays to the region can include fun filled safaris and wildlife spotting activities, but on no account should you explore the region on your own without a guide. There are over 3000 species […]

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When a Safari is More Than a Journey…

I’ve just returned from a two week break in the Zambian bush. I spent the entire time helping out in a friend’s lodge on the banks of the Zambezi, greeting guests, hosting meals, running housekeeping and generally “playing” safari camp (which is actually one of my favorite pastimes!) Yes, I took some time to enjoy […]

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Community Challenges

Hello everyone! I have a little more to share from Graham at Shamwari. All the latest news from him and his students at the reserve, and it seems they’ve been busier than ever getting out into the community and doing what they can. Visiting one of the local preschools, the group was welcomed by singing […]

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Monkey attack

Monkey Attack

Lake Nakuru, picnic time…or should I rather say; “fighting the monkeys” time? Vervet monkeys may not be the largest of the monkey family, but boy can they be quick and agile…especially when there’s food lying around. Luckily for me, I only ended up with a couple of scratches here and there…on my boot! Joking aside, […]

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Tales from the Mantis Academy

The Mantis Academy is a two month training program that has been devised specifically to train up those who want a career working as a field guide in Africa, while the Gap Year Program provides the opportunity for people to experience conservation efforts near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. If you’d like to know more, […]

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Madikwe River Lodge - a great place for families... and lions!

Madikwe – An African Success Story

As I sit and watch the kingfishers hunting at the edge of the Marico river, it’s hard to remind myself that four short hours ago I was in the heart of the urban jungle, full of stress after a long week at work. It’s amazing what a few hours of driving can do, transporting me […]

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