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Is Sub-Saharan Africa on the cusp of a Green Revolution?

Côte d’Ivoire could soon become known as Côte d’Verde, after a recent discovery that shows the Sub-Saharan African nation is on the cusp of a ‘Green Revolution’ in agricultural farming. The discovery was made by an analyst researching crop yield data from back in 2013. John McArthur from the Brookings think tank broke the story, writing: “I realised […]

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Crucial antibiotic advance wins African innovation prize

The Innovation Prize for Africa has been awarded to a Moroccan researcher for developing a natural alternative to antibiotics that could revolutionise the way the world treats its livestock. Biotechnology professor Adnane Remmal took home the $100,000 cash prize after judges recognised his remarkable work. The professor’s new treatment can be added to either an animal’s feed […]

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Firefox OS smartphones launch in Africa

Firefox have launched their first mobile operating system on a device released in Africa. The smartphones, made in conjunction with mobile operator Orange, went on sale in Senegal and Madagascar this week. The news follows a joint Mozilla-Orange announcement at Mobile World Congress 2015 that smartphones with a Firefox-branded operating system would be available in […]

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Conservationists are planning to fly 1,000 orphaned white rhinos from South Africa to Texas

A Texas-based conservation organisation is proposing a radical rescue effort that could see 1,000 orphaned white rhinos transported over 9,000 miles from South Africa to South Texas. The Exotic Wildlife Association (EWA) and are currently negotiating the plans with RSA officials, as they look to ease the threat of extinction currently being caused by the killings of three […]

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Welcome to Ponte City: the former slum skyscraper at the heart of Johannesburg’s renaissance

In just 40 years Ponte has gone from being an audacious experiment in skyscraper homes, to a crime-riddled de facto prison, to its current life as a trendy living location for South Africa’s ever-swelling middle classes. Featured in newspaper articles, photography exhibitions, documentaries and movies, Ponte symbolises the rise and fall and rise again of South […]

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Tesla’s renewable home battery could help Africa become the global centre for green energy

At the end of April, Tesla launched two batteries that could revolutionise Africa’s energy supply. Able to generate electricity from either the grid or renewable energy sources like solar power, Tesla’s batteries have been hailed for storing renewable energy for longer and at half the cost of current technologies. They even have enough energy holding capacity to power a […]

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Forget quinoa, try Teff – Ethiopia’s secret super food is going global

There’s a new ‘super grain’ making waves on the global food market. Teff is a gluten-free grain indigenous to Ethiopia and its tiny seeds are rich with calcium, iron, protein and amino acids. Ethiopians have been using teff to make injera since before the state of Ethiopia even existed but outside interest in this ridiculously healthy and versatile […]

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