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There’s a safari lodge in Botswana with its very own choir

A choir homemade at the Tuli Safari Lodge in Botswana are celebrating receiving their first royalty check after releasing their debut digital album on iTunes. The choir have long been know locally for their boisterous live performances and CD releases but now they’re seeking to market their music worldwide. The lodge set up the choir to raise funds for […]

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Meet the beach body ready bulls who ramble along South Africa’s wild coast

Never mind Protein World’s disturbing definition of ‘beach body ready’, there’s a herd of cattle in Pondoland, South Africa, who are taking regular trips to the seaside wearing nothing but their own rawhide. Photographer Christopher Rimmer has spent a year in the natural region studying the strange habits of the bulls, cows and calves who have been making daily visits to […]

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African start-ups are trying to build the perfect transport system

Africa’s rapidly developing socio-economic landscape provides fertile ground for tech-savvy business entrepreneurs. While the beautiful landscapes, ecosystems and feedback loops of mother nature seem to tick along with relentless rhythm, the matrix of homo sapiens networks is not quite so streamlined, or productive. As more African people gain access to the wonderful world of the Internet, more […]

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Is Zuckerberg trying to trick Africa into thinking Facebook is the entire Internet?

There is a single principle that guides everything Facebook and its 10,000 employees do. Ubiquity. The more places Facebook can be, the more money it can make. The more data it acquires, the more it can sell. Ubiquity means making Facebook available all over the world, across every tech device and increasingly, even to people without a data […]

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Permaculture ‘hippy movement’ is helping to alleviate poverty and hunger in Malawi

Malawi’s volatile climate presents serious challengers to its people. Eight months of drought have been followed by devastating floods, killing 176 people and displacing up to 200,000. Many blame the destruction on industry’s pursuit of charcoal and firewood and the large-scale destruction of indigenous forests to grow crops of maize. And Malawians are beginning to alter how they interact with their environment […]

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