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Monkey attack

Monkey Attack

Lake Nakuru, picnic time…or should I rather say; “fighting the monkeys” time? Vervet monkeys may not be the largest of the monkey family, but boy can they be quick and agile…especially when there’s food lying around. Luckily for me, I only ended up with a couple of scratches here and there…on my boot! Joking aside, […]

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Tales from the Mantis Academy

The Mantis Academy is a two month training program that has been devised specifically to train up those who want a career working as a field guide in Africa, while the Gap Year Program provides the opportunity for people to experience conservation efforts near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. If you’d like to know more, […]

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Madikwe River Lodge - a great place for families... and lions!

Madikwe – An African Success Story

As I sit and watch the kingfishers hunting at the edge of the Marico river, it’s hard to remind myself that four short hours ago I was in the heart of the urban jungle, full of stress after a long week at work. It’s amazing what a few hours of driving can do, transporting me […]

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Where, oh Where, is W 12?

We’ve just been sent another update from Konrad at the Shamwari Game Reserve. They received a new intake of volunteers and set them straight to helping out. The first task for the volunteers was to help out with looking for a white rhino cow, known as W12, which had been missing for a couple of […]

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You never know what's lurking in the long grass - take a close look at the centre of the picture to spot a spotted cat!

Busanga Plains… A Whole Lot of Wilderness

The 22,500 square kilometre Kafue National park is both the Zambia’s largest, and one of the largest on the continent. Its northern section, specifically the Busanga Plains area, where Wilderness Safaris have their beautiful Kapinga camp, is remote, wild and extremely diverse. Covering 750 square kilometres of pristine wilderness, the Busanga is home to 158 […]

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The beautiful Drakensberg tower over Tzaneen

The Land of Modjadji, the Rain Queen

Limpopo, South Africa’s most northern province, is a place of mystery where visitors can unlock the key to ancient tribal cultures while sampling breathtaking natural beauty. This is prime African bushveld – wide open expanses of beautiful flat scrub, dotted with small acacia thorn trees and marked by curious granite outcrops and inselbergs. Towards the […]

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Safaris are Becoming More Accessible

Royal Air Maroc is the flag carrying airline of Morocco and was founded in 1953. It was then in 1960 when they introduced their first own jets. These were Sub Aviation SE-210 Caravelles and took passengers to places such as Paris and Rome. These were later replaced by Boeing 727s. Royal Air Maroc has recently […]

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Luxury and a view, to boot!

Sediba – a Place of Smiles

Caroline Phaho’s smile is infectious. “Welcome to Sediba Lodge!” she beams as she opens the Land Rover’s door. I smile back in thanks, grateful for the fragrant, cooling face-cloth offered on a silver platter. It helped to wipe away the dust from the 25-minute drive from the Western Gate of the Welgevonden Game Reserve. Smiles […]

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Worth every penny, believe me!

Wings of Freedom Over the Falls

Having the opportunity to view the majestic Victoria Falls is a wonderful sight in itself. However, having the chance to admire the falls from above is an experience like no other; one that you will cherish for the rest of your life! How much does it cost to do a microlight flight over Victoria Falls? […]

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A Flight of Fancy in a Hot Air Balloon

It’s the oldest form of flight. And perhaps its most graceful incarnation. Indeed, hot air ballooning could be described as the pinnacle of mankind’s sortie into the skies – the honest-to-goodness grandfather of modern flying. One thing is for certain, it’s exhilarating, awe-inspiring and, curiously, amazingly tranquil. Floating gently a few hundred meters above some […]

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elephant 05

How Chobe’s Elephants will Inspire you

If you are an elephant lover then there is no better place in the world to see these majestic and intelligent mammals than on a Botswana safari to the Chobe National Park. The Park has an estimated population of 70 000 elephants. These elephants are also very tolerant of humans as they have been protected […]

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