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The meerkats of Moolmanshoek

Up Close and Personal with Meerkats

Somewhere deep in the heart of South Africa’s rolling Free State province is a quiet forgotten backroad which offers something completely off the beaten track and helps to prove why Africa is such an amazing continent, with its mind-boggling range of unique destinations – Moolmanshoek. Moolmanshoek is located in a tranquil, lush valley fed by […]

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Paddling through the Nile river (© Nile River Explorers)!

My Africa Overlanding Trip Highlights: Days 1-12

Jambo rafiki! Habari gani (how are you)? Hope you had a fabulous Christmas… I know I’ve been extremely quiet lately (and I truly apologize for this), but the internet connection in Africa can be “very” challenging. Fortunately, I am now in an area where the internet is pretty good (cross fingers), so hopefully I’ll be […]

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Ibo – A Living Museum

The Bard had it right when he asked “what’s in a name?” Nothing? Perhaps. Everything? Maybe. And although roses do indeed smell as sweet if we do not know what they are, there are just some names, some words which carry tremendous power and promise and which evoke in us something almost mystical. For me, […]

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Mozambican Island Magic

There’s something to be said for tropical islands. Every one I’ve ever visited has claimed to be a “paradise” and has the obligatory palm trees lining an impossibly perfect-looking beach. And they do tend to bring out the surfer chic in me as I go for the ultimate bronze tan and the sportiest swimsuit I […]

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Safari Booking, 4 Essential Steps

The preparation and research which go into booking an African safari is exciting, but can also sometimes be time-consuming, confusing and stressful. The steps leading up to the booking of a safari are not always clear, and first-time potential safari-goers may become overwhelmed with the amount of information available as well as the wide range […]

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Lugenda – Mozambique’s lost wilderness

There is a wild place in the far north of Mozambique which has been “calling” to me for years. Filled with the promise of a wilderness experience par none and some of the most amazing scenery on offer on the African continent, the call has been persistent – “come to Niassa….” it whispered to me. […]

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Just Landed in Nairobi

Jambo rafiki! I have just landed in Nairobi, and it feels so GREAT to be back to Africa. It’s been about 10 years since the last time I came to Kenya, but it almost seems as if it was yesterday. The city centre is still very much congested (got stuck in traffic for about one […]

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Venda Magic at Leshiba

As a South African, travelling in my own country, I’ve often bemoaned the apparent lack of interesting, affordable off-the-beaten-track places to visit. But it would appear that my moaning has been unfounded, because there are some incredible places in South Africa – they are just hiding their respective lights under rather large bushels. One of […]

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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites (and Ultimately Malaria)

Rule Number 1: Take Anti-Malarial Tablets While they are not 100 % efficient (no such medicine is), anti-malarial tablets are highly recommended for travellers exploring regions at risk. Prophylactic malaria medicines are usually taken a few days to a week before departure, throughout the trip, and 1-4 weeks after travel as the malaria parasites could […]

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