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White knuckles: great white shark cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa.

Shark cage diving under the spotlight

When Peter Benchley wrote the book “Jaws” he underestimated the powerful effect his novel would have on the way the world views sharks. And the inestimable damage it would do to the great white shark, creating a fear and loathing of this incredible fish which would help to decimate populations of it all over the […]

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The Kruger National Park - simply the best!

One helluva road trip

I’ve just completed my first trip for the year – not to the wilds of Africa but to the magnificent Spier in Stellenbosch, just outside Cape Town, where I spent a week at the Wild Talk Africa wildlife film-maker’s conference. Incidentally – Spier is wonderful and although not teeming with wild animals does have a […]

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Fair trade African adventures

Guest Post by Alexis Bonari. If you want to experience Africa while giving something back, fair trade tours in South Africa are the way to go. Clean Break: 500 New Ways to See the World by R. Hammond and J. Smith reveals five tours that will help you minimize your environmental impact, get to know […]

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Spitzkoppe landscape

Top 5 most beautiful African overland spots

NB: The selection of places is based on my recent Africa overland trip, and was compiled from my own point of view. This is MY top 5…what’s yours??? 1. Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Uganda What to look forward to… – The “spectacular” view of the lake. – The tranquility of the area. – The sympathy […]

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Best of travel awards igougo

Africa Freak selected for IgoUgo’s best of travel award

Exciting news for Africa Freak, yippie! Indeed, Africa Freak has been selected for IgoUgo’s “Best of Travel” award. Our team of travel editors and experts find your content engaging and valuable to the online travel world, and we’re going to tell our members about you. We’re honoring your excellent work by featuring your site on […]

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Two of my favourite places on Earth

Guest Post by Kate Turkington. I’m the quintessential old Africa hand – I’ve lived in Africa (West and South) for most of my life, I write for Fodor’s on East and Southern Africa, as well as being a regular columnist and travel writer for the South African Sunday Independent. I’m just back from two of […]

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To be wild or not to be wild

What’s your threshold? It may seem like an unusual question, but when it comes to heading out into the wilds of Africa, it’s actually quite an important one. Because what you can handle – or perhaps more crucially, what you can’t handle – can be pivotal in making your safari experience one to remember rather […]

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Elephant encounters… good or bad?

I love African elephants. They are absolutely the ultimate icon – large, impressive, magnificent and supremely intelligent. And very much “like us” in their behavior and range of emotional responses. Indeed, when you get up close and personal with an elephant, you find out very quickly that there’s an awful lot going on behind those […]

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Take a gambling break from your South African safari

South Africa draws plenty of tourists looking to take part in the safari experience, with guided safari tours of Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands, and the Timbavati Reserve among the most popular. A variety of tours and packages are available, from very pampered, luxurious experiences in private lodges and retreats to much more rustic, realistic […]

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Day 22 Zebra Birth

Cute baby zebra’s first steps into life

One of the highlights of my recent overland trip has to be an incredible baby zebra scene we experienced right beneath our eyes whilst in the Ngorongoro Crater. The footage was captured only a few minutes after mother zebra had given birth, and it shows all the stages baby zebra goes through before it finally […]

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