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Top 10 Major Differences Between Cheetahs & Leopards

Overview – Leopards have rosette-shaped spots. Cheetahs have solid round, or oval, spots. – Leopards have no “tear” line. Cheetahs have a black “tear” line running from the inside of the eye to the mouth. – Leopards are bulkier and stronger. Cheetahs are lighter, but taller, than leopards. – Leopards have a familiar “cat” shape. […]

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We are All African

“We’re all African, and I’m going to show you why…” Mark Tennant, wildlife guide, television personality and a man with perhaps the most energy I have ever encountered literally bounces up and down on the spot with excitement as he leads the way towards a steep set of stone steps which disappear into a gaping […]

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A Case for Lake Turkana: The Chinese Connection

Concerned Kenyans led by the Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT) – a community trust based in Kenya mandated to speak on behalf of Lake Turkana communities – are petitioning the Chinese Government to stop two Chinese companies from investing in the Gilgel Gibe 3 Dam project in the Omo River in Ethiopia, which if completed […]

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What to Know about your Masai Mara Safari in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most renowned countries in the world for safari holidays. With around 18 National Parks and over 17 various Reserves, it is no wonder that tourists flock to this beautiful country in their hundreds of thousands each year. But with such a large selection of wildlife destinations available to tourists, it […]

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Stop the Rhino Carnage

I am using my column this week to garner support for a very important issue which I am sure will touch a nerve with all of AfricaFreak’s readers… One of Africa’s greatest icons – the rhinoceros – is currently being slaughtered indiscriminately in South Africa by highly organized and professional gangs of poachers. Prized in […]

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What Type of Luggage to Choose for your African Safari

Having refined the art of packing the right clothes for the right destination, spent years honing my skills in travelling as light as possible and circumnavigated the (ridiculous) liquids restrictions as far as reasonably possible, I have come to understand that the single most important part of African travel is having a suitable bag. It […]

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How to End Off a Botswana Safari

For most folk a typical Botswana Safari consists of the Okavango Delta, The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve (Savuti) and the Chobe National Park, and for some a visit to the Kalahari Desert and then a visit to Victoria Falls as it is so close with easy access. For the purpose of this post I am going […]

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