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Worth every penny, believe me!

Wings of freedom over Vic Falls

Having the opportunity to view the majestic Victoria Falls is a wonderful sight in itself. However, having the chance to admire the falls from above is an experience like no other; one that you will cherish for the rest of your life! How much does it cost to do a microlight flight over Victoria Falls? […]

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A flight of fancy in a hot air balloon

It’s the oldest form of flight. And perhaps its most graceful incarnation. Indeed, hot air ballooning could be described as the pinnacle of mankind’s sortie into the skies – the honest-to-goodness grandfather of modern flying. One thing is for certain, it’s exhilarating, awe-inspiring and, curiously, amazingly tranquil. Floating gently a few hundred meters above some […]

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elephant 05

How Chobe’s elephants will inspire you

If you are an elephant lover then there is no better place in the world to see these majestic and intelligent mammals than on a Botswana safari to the Chobe National Park. The Park has an estimated population of 70 000 elephants. These elephants are also very tolerant of humans as they have been protected […]

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Sights and activities around Cape Town

Guest Post by Jesper Harbers. South Africa is a beautiful country for safari holidays. You have a chance of seeing big game in a truly incredible and unique setting. During your safari tour, you will experience a broad range of landscapes. For the best experience, start off your journey by flying to Cape Town. You’ll […]

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oryx constant gardener

Why the oryx is “the Constant Gardener”

A true “pooh” story about the oryx and how this amazing animal is essential in the cycle of life! Video Summary – The gemsbok, also known as the oryx, is one of the only large animals that has adapted to desert life. – Springbok have small hooves: they sink into the sand while walking. – […]

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Can trophy hunting and Eco-tourism co-exist?

My headline this week asks a hard question. One which I am going to try and answer in as unemotional a way as possible, given the tough subject matter and my deep commitment to protecting Africa’s last remaining wild places. Trophy hunting is a lucrative industry, with many countries in sub-Saharan Africa using the funds […]

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A White Elephant boat cruise and fishing trip on Lake Jozini.

A place of elephants, and “tigers”

Pongola. It doesn’t exactly sound romantic or the sort of place that has you rushing to pack your bags. However, this northern-most tip of South Africa’s largely coastal KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province more than makes up for its slightly strange name and delivers a refreshing and original take on often run-of-the-mill safari destinations. Located virtually on […]

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The best safari camp ever… (in my opinion!)

I know, it’s a sweeping statement. The “Best Place Ever” has been overused, overdone and is, frankly, over the hill. But nonetheless I am always asked what my favourite destination is – what’s “best” in my humble opinion. It’s such a stupid question, really because what I love may not be what you love. But, […]

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Saruni Samburu high res (1)

Kenya – “did you say Eco-tourism option?”

A Kenya safari is a good choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly safari that also takes into consideration the welfare of the local communities. The environment has always been an important aspect to the tourism industry in Kenya and today, more than ever, tourism and nature enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The Kenya government […]

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