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South Africa: Top Cruises and Wine Routes

Africa’s diverse wine tourism and distinctive river cruise treasures are best experienced in the southern part of the continent, and visitors who holiday in South Africa will no doubt fall in love with its diverse offerings, stunning panoramas and welcoming atmosphere. With over 500 exporters, large varieties of beverages, several awards and international recognition, South […]

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Top 3 At-Risk Animal Species in Africa

1. Rhino – The price per pound for rhino horn is valued at $29 500 + (worth more than gold or cocaine). – The total world rhino population has drastically declined: from 200 000 individuals at the start of the twentieth century to roughly 29 000 today. – Over 70% of the world’s rhinos currently […]

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Afternoon Tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel in South Africa

Picture the scene: you’re decked out in opulent surroundings, your dining table overwhelmed with heaps of finger sandwiches, freshly brewed tea and homemade scones. Sound good? Great, because we’ve found the perfect place for you to enjoy an unforgettable afternoon tea. The Mount Nelson hotel in Cape Town has gained worldwide recognition over the years […]

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Chobe National Park sunrise

Five Botswana Safari Moments I’ll Never Forget [Photo Blog]

So there I was, on an overland adventure of a lifetime heading through Africa’s safari central – Botswana. I have never experienced such an abundance of natural beauty before. Every moment was simply a nature-lover’s bliss… 1. The Okavango Delta Venturing off into the Okavango Delta on nothing but a mokoro was most definitely one of […]

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Top 10 South African Restaurants

One of the defining features of South Africa is its cuisine. From perfectly cooked meats to fresh grilled vegetables, South Africa’s best known dishes are steeped in cultural and historical roots. Today restaurants all over the country are innovating South Africa’s cuisine, and we’ve grouped together a list of the 10 best restaurants in the […]

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Karibu sign

Kiswahili and the Use of ‘Ni’ (Part 2)

Continuing on from the first lesson here’s more uses of ‘ni‘. When generally referring to location, we also use this very important suffix. In other words it can be used as a preposition as in: i) I am going to the market= ninaenda sokoni ii) I am at the market= nipo sokoni iii) There are […]

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Bushbaby’s Feast

Stilts Backpackers is not only famous for its tree house accommodation: it is also home to some interesting wildlife amongst the tree tops. If you’re looking for some close encounters with greedy bushbabies you should definitely spend some time in the area. The greater bushbabies are being fed every evening at 7 pm sharp, so […]

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The Garden Route by FrontierOfficial

South Africa on a Budget

South Africa is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination, and as such the country’s tourism industry is booming, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to explore its depths on a budget. In fact, there are many ways you can keep costs down without compromising on seeing and experiencing the delights that South Africa […]

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Top South Africa Luxury Lodges

Every year people flock to South Africa for an unforgettable safari experience, in the hopes that they’ll spot some of the world’s rarest and most incredible wildlife. However, if you are plagued with visions of sleeping rough in the bushveld then banish them now, for South Africa is home to a plethora of luxurious game […]

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Kiswahili and the Use of ‘Ni’ (Part 1)

Unlike in English where you don’t really have to specify whether you are referring to one person or more than one, in Swahili we go to great pains to do this! How exactly is it done? You simply add “ni” at the end of the word in question. So before I confuse you any further, […]

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Punda milia

How to Learn Common Animal Names in Swahili

Here’s a list of the most common animal names you may come across on your African safari, and their direct translation into Swahili. Enjoy and happy learning! Animal – Mnyama Antelope – Paa Baboon – Nyani Bird(s) – Ndege Buffalo – Nyati Bushbaby (Lesser) – Kombo Cheetah – Duma Chimpanzee – Sokwe Crocodile – Mamba […]

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