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The Moroccan invasion: Casablanca banks charge into sub-Saharan Africa

By Nadia Rabbaa Three Moroccan banks – one part owned by a royal holding company – have led an expansion charge into sub-Saharan Africa. Now, they have changed tack, seeking slower growth and consolidation. To give them valuable experience and seize opportunities beyond the domestic market, the government of an Asian country with a medium-sized […]

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The man who revealed there’s a lot more water in Africa than anybody thought speaks out

By Liz Kalaugher Back in 2012, Alan MacDonald’s paper in Environmental Research Letters (ERL) revealed that there’s a lot more water beneath the African continent than most people suspected. “Quantitative maps of groundwater resources in Africa” is one of the open-access journal’s most highly downloaded papers, clocking up more than 83,000 downloads and 49 citations […]

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‘Uncompetitive’ British Airways muscled out of Uganda

British Airways has finally wound up its business in Uganda after nearly 24 years of service, citing economic reasons. The airline made its last flight out of Entebbe International Airport to London Heathrow on Saturday morning, (3rd October). In an email to The London Evening Post confirming the news, Edward Frost, the South and East […]

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Hollywood goes black – photographers reshoot 20 iconic movie scenes in Senegal hotel

When looking for their next big project, Senegalese photographers Omar Victor Diop and Antoine Tempé decided to pick something close to their hearts – western cinema. The pair long adored Hollywood classics like Thelma and Louise, American Beauty and Pulp Fiction – and hit upon the idea of reframing these flicks in a Senegalese location, using local actors. ONOMOllywood is […]

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The Snap Diary – Shooting in the townships

Warnings of a raised terror threat reached our ears just as the Snap Foundation convoy rumbled into the Kwide township – minibus, pickup truck and hatchback, incongruous against the corrugated steel shuttering and reclaimed wood boarding. Warm Cape winds thrashed plastic waste into glistening walls built against any fence or object it could secure anchor. An […]

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Reddit AMA unravels the mind-boggling genetic diversity of African peoples

Human genetics in Africa is mind-bogglingly diverse. So much so that, if you were to study the two Africans most genetically different to each other, they would share less DNA than a Frenchman does with a Thai person, or a Sri Lankan with a Chinese person. In other words, the genetic difference between an Englishman and a Japanese man would […]

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WATCH – How did Trevor Noah cope in his debut as Daily Show host?

Following in John Stewart’s footsteps as host of the Daily Show is the toughest job in TV right now. Step up, Trevor Noah. The South African comedian made his debut on America’s favourite tongue-in-cheek news programme last night. “The family has a new stepdad,” Noah quipped. “And he’s black.” Shrugging off rumours that other potential hosts had […]

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UN sustainable development goals paper over obvious madness with false hopes

As the UN and the world’s governments ratify the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we must be clear that they do not represent the best interests of the world’s majority — those that are currently exploited and oppressed within the current economic and political order. The SDGs claim they can eradicate poverty in all its forms […]

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Can this mobile app solve Senegal’s sustainable fishing conundrum?

Today, Senegal’s vast coastline provides more than enough fish to support its people. But that does not mean it will be able to do so forevermore. Senegal’s burgeoning population of 14 million is expected to see year-on-year growth for the rest of this decade and into the next, prompting many to question whether its fishing industry will be […]

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‘Everything is nothing without peace’ – How is Tanzania ensuring a peaceful presidential handover?

Key players in Tanzanian politics met for two days this week to discuss a peaceful transition from outgoing President Jakaya Kikwete, the 4th President of the United Republic of Tanzania, to the would-be fifth president after the General Elections due next month. Three institutions, namely the Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung (KAS), the Inter-Religious Council for Peace […]

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The Snap Diary: Selfie craze has officially reached South Africa

Stacey Hatfield works as a Senior Photographer at Net-a-Porter in London and has been interested in the Snap Foundation teaching programmes for a while. Finally, this year in June, she was able to join us and embark on a life-changing trip to South Africa to work with young children in some of the townships’ schools. The experience brings […]

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Paint your nails – save the rhinos

In order to highlight this year’s World Rhino Day on 22 September, tour operator, Acacia Africa will be supporting Save the Rhino International’s ‘Nail it for Rhinos’ campaign on its Facebook and Twitter pages. Last year the popular fundraising tactic inspired hundreds of people across the UK to donate to Save the Rhino and their […]

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Author and Afriworks founder Agyenim Boateng Boniface, alongside associate Richmond Asumin.

How can we solve the problem of exchange in Ghana’s Bitcoin community?

When I first read about Bitcoin, the feeling of euphoria and my expectations for it were unimaginable. But alas, things are not going the way I thought they would. I was happy because I thought Bitcoin was going to minimise the menace caused by Ghana’s central bank and also reduce unemployment levels, particularly among our youth. Those who […]

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