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Why Kwando is the cat’s whisker

Maun looks unbelievably verdant from the air. As the somewhat ancient but still surprisingly comfortable Air Botswana plane circles on its approach, I see the Thamalakane river full of water which bodes well for the rest of my trip. The smiling cabin crew tidy up the remnants of our mid-flight snack and scramble for their […]

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The Langa township!

My Africa overlanding trip highlights: days 51-58

Day 51: Drive to Spitzkoppe, probably the most picturesque location on the trip so far. The area is dominated by weird-looking boulders, cliffs and crevices of all shapes and sizes. Many specialists believe it is one of the best places for stargazing in the southern hemisphere. It sure felt extra special whilst sleeping under the […]

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Zambia – Africa’s hidden gem

Travellers the world over are slowly discovering that decades of ignoring a country has its benefits. This is certainly true where Zambia is concerned. The infrastructure needs a bit of an overhaul here and there, but the raw material is beyond comparison – leagues, nay, vast tracts of completely wild and untamed Africa lie waiting […]

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White lions in the Timbavati

In my years of travelling across Southern and Eastern Africa, I have been privileged to witness some of the most incredible sights – the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti and Maasai Mara for example, or the birth of an African elephant. I now have another “lifer” to add to the list, and it is […]

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The meerkats of Moolmanshoek

Up close and personal with meerkats

Somewhere deep in the heart of South Africa’s rolling Free State province is a quiet forgotten backroad which offers something completely off the beaten track and helps to prove why Africa is such an amazing continent, with its mind-boggling range of unique destinations – Moolmanshoek. Moolmanshoek is located in a tranquil, lush valley fed by […]

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Paddling through the Nile river (© Nile River Explorers)!

My Africa overlanding trip highlights: days 1-12

Jambo rafiki! Habari gani (how are you)? Hope you had a fabulous Christmas… I know I’ve been extremely quiet lately (and I truly apologize for this), but the internet connection in Africa can be “very” challenging. Fortunately, I am now in an area where the internet is pretty good (cross fingers), so hopefully I’ll be […]

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