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Manyara, Tanzania – Big Game

A Tanzania safari in Manyara is an experience you will cherish forever. For a relatively small area at 125 square miles its diversity rivals any other region in Africa. The land diversity as well as animal and plant life diversity has made this area a favorite of safari goers who revisit often. The combination of […]

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Masai Mara, Kenya – Premiere Wildlife

Considered one of Kenya’s premiere wildlife preserves, the famous Masai Mara covers an area of roughly 575 square miles. The area is also famous for its annual migration of two million herbivores referred to as the Great Migration. It is definitely a great destination for any Kenya safari. The reserve is a mosaic of all […]

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Amboseli, Kenya – A Magnet for Wildlife

Kenya is a fabulous destination for safari holidays and of the many great places to go is Amboseli. Located south of Nairobi, the region is small at 151 square miles but because of its swamp terrain is a magnet to all manner of African wild life. It also is home to Observation hill where you […]

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Tsavo, Kenya – Very Large Indeed

Tsavo Scenery The combination of east and west Tsavo national parks makes up one of the largest game sanctuaries not just in Africa or Kenya but in the world! The eastern section dominated by the Yatta plateau is known for its large areas of flat thorn bush. The western portion however is known to be […]

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Reticulated Giraffe from Samburu National Park, in Kenya

Samburu, Kenya – Small but Scenic

For what the Samburu region of Kenya lacks in size it certainly makes up in spectacular scenery. This is one of the most scenic areas of Kenya and it should be a definite consideration for a visit as a part of your Africa safari. It is home to some of the most unique wild life […]

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swimming African penguins

Swimming with the African Penguin at Boulders Beach

Remember my previous post: Swimming with dolphins at Kizimkazi? Well this time, I’ve decided to let you discover another great African destination: Boulders Beach, near Cape Town. The protagonists of today’s story are not dolphins nevertheless. Rather, they are very pretty little creatures: African Penguins! Location Boulders beach is situated in Simon’s Town, a little […]

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Hippo scenic

A Very Unusual Pet: Jessica the Hippo

Meet Jessica, A Hippo Like No Other! Hello all! I’ve had a lot of pets in my young life: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs…even a bush baby! But a hippo…WOW is the word! The images are truly amazing! Especially since the animal is considered as one of the most dangerous wild creatures in Africa! Hard to believe […]

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beautiful elephant

Addo – Place of the Elephants

About Addo Addo National Park is situated in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, alongside the dense valley bushveld of the Sundays River. It is a spectacular park, especially if you’re looking for a peaceful Eden that flourishes with wildlife and unique scenery! As its name entails, the protected area thrives with elephants and is perhaps the […]

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