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Whale Hermanus

Best Whale Watching Spot in the World

Location Hermanus is situated in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, a short drive away from Cape Town. It is a paradise for sea lovers and whale watchers at heart! Without a doubt one of the world’s best land based whale watching spot!   When to Go As one would expect the town is […]

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Tips on Clothing & Equipment for Your Kilimanjaro Climb

Thought I’d write about something a little different today! Heard of Mount Kilimanjaro, I presume, no? Culminating at 5895 m (19341 feet), it is by far Africa’s highest and most majestic mountain! Here’s some advice on what to bring on your trekking odyssey! Walking sticks Whether you call them walking sticks, staffs, or trekking poles, they’re […]

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Africa’s Deadliest Creatures?

Hippopotamus When one first thinks of a hippopotamus we may look at it as a very clumsy individual! Beware of misconceptions! This 2 ton fellow can run at speeds that exceed 30 kph, and will charge you in no time if felt threatened. Hippos are highly territorial, and should be approached with care especially when […]

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Rhino bum 2

How to Approach a Mother Rhino & Calf On Foot

A BBC Wildlife Video… Please DO NOT try this unattended! Can you feel the tension as this group of tourists approach the rhinos on their African safari walk? I surely could! To be honest with you I have never (ever) seen anything like this: truly unbelievable encounter! What do yo think? Also loved to see people’s […]

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Wild Earth TV

10 African Wildlife Must-Bookmark Websites

Here’s a list of some of my top websites – definitely worth bookmarking if you enjoy African wildlife as much as I do! 1. Listen to Africa Be part of an 18-month cycling journey across Africa, recording African sounds and voices! Although the website doesn’t focus entirely on African wildlife, it surely gives you a taste of what the […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Safari Game Viewing Chances

A safari spent in the African savanna will enchant you with unforgettable experiences and wonderful sights! Provided below are just a few rules/advice that you might want to consider to improve your game viewing chances… 1. Wake Up Very Early Rule number ONE! I know this might sound strange especially while on holiday, but out in the […]

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Top 25 Most Spectacular Pelican Pictures

Pelican Overview Species: Great White Pelican; Pelecanus onocrotalus. Particularities: Very large white bird with pinkish flush in the breeding season. Pink orbital skin, pink and yellow bill, and yellow pouch. Larger than Pink-backed Pelican. Juvenile: Dark brown, whitens over time (with age). Habitat: Usually fishes in groups on open, freshwater or salt lakes. Also preys […]

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Zambia Bird Watching & Game Viewing Treat: Part 2

Travel Suggestions for Bird Enthusiasts & Safari Seekers! Read Part 1 first if you haven’t already! Day 6: Full day inside Kafue National Park. Birding safari and river cruise included in the program. Game drives and walking safaris are also a possibility. Fancy a rejuvenating hot spring dip in a unique sand bottomed Jacuzzi? Anything […]

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Zambia Bird Watching & Game Viewing Treat: Part 1

Travel Suggestions for Bird Enthusiasts & Safari Seekers! Part 2 here! Zambia has it all: incredible wildlife, dazzling scenery, and is home to some of the most notorious holiday destinations in the entire world! From the unique and splendid Victoria Falls, to a few of the finest safari holidays such as South Luangwa National Park, […]

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Serengeti, Tanzania – Africa at its Best

A safari in the Serengeti is not just the best Tanzania has to offer. It is certainly also one of THE richest experiences Africa has to offer! In fact, when you say Africa safari it is the Serengeti that usually comes to mind. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most recognized names on the old […]

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Manyara, Tanzania – Big Game

A Tanzania safari in Manyara is an experience you will cherish forever. For a relatively small area at 125 square miles its diversity rivals any other region in Africa. The land diversity as well as animal and plant life diversity has made this area a favorite of safari goers who revisit often. The combination of […]

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