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When mother gemsbok comes to the rescue

Cheetahs are exceptional hunters and can outrun their prey thanks to outstanding speed and power! Against most species, the cheetah’s pace and agility is usually enough to make a kill. In this video nevertheless, you will soon find out that the gemsbok’s arguments may not necessarily include speed, but it sure can dissuade the majority of predators […]

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“Bum” beauty contest in the African bush

Jambo rafiki! As some of you may know Miss World 2009 just took place at the Gallagher Convention Center in Johannesburg, and it is a young lady from Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino, who was crowned this year’s Miss World. As a result, I decided to do a beauty contest of my own: a fun “bum” beauty competition […]

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Playing hide and seek with the animals

Jambo rafiki! As you may already know, I’m currently in South Africa where I just got back from the bush in Pilanesberg National Park. Instead of giving you my typical “safari destinations tips”, I thought I’d do it a little differently this time. That is to say, expect to see lots of pictures rather than the […]

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How to save a giraffe from a peculiar ordeal

Mitumba Slum is an ordinary township that lies South of Nairobi, near a small airport that accommodates local flights. People in the slum live in harsh conditions, with a monthly income that is one of the poorest in the world. Lately however, the inhabitants of the area experienced an unusual spectacle when a giraffe from the […]

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Shooting Africa in black and white

Wildlife photography is widely regarded as one of the more challenging forms of the craft. Apart from sound technical skills to help you deal with challenging lighting conditions you also need a great deal of patience and luck. The reality is that you will not always get the shot you want. Sorry, but you won’t. […]

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Get your FREE safari tips 101 eBook now

*** DOWNLOAD HERE *** Jambo rafiki (hello friends), Karibuni (welcome) to Safari Tips 101 – Tips and tricks for your African safari! I am both delighted and excited to share this with you! Whether you are a total safari newbie or someone in love with African nature and its wonderful safari destinations, I am confident […]

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Check-in with elephants at Mfuwe Lodge

Mfuwe Lodge is no ordinary hotel! In fact, it’s a VERY SPECIAL place inside Zambia’s world-famous South Luangwa National Park! Having had the chance to stay at this unique luxury accommodation in the past, I know for sure that it is simply exquisite! For instance, each chalet has its own en-suite bathroom, and a splendid deck […]

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Official websites of Eastern and Southern African national parks

The following list is especially useful if you’re looking for specific information about local National Parks and Game Reserves in Eastern and Southern Africa. Also a great source of info before planning your African safari. Enjoy! 😉 NB: Click on the images to be redirected to the appropriate websites! East Africa National Parks Websites Uganda Wildlife Authority […]

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Google Earth to save the African elephants

Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton is a renowned zoologist known for his conservation efforts in Africa, and is the founder of “Save The Elephants“! In this video, Iain explains how Google Earth is used as a tool to help the elephants. As he puts it, the elephants are going through tough times at the moment: There’s a […]

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The fastest animals in Africa

Africa’s Top 10 Fastest Animals! 1. Cheetah The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal and can reach speeds of up to 113 km/h (70 mph). That’s around 0-30 mph in as little as 3 seconds (as good as most Ferraris), and it can retain its cruise speed for several hundred meters (+/- 400 m). The long […]

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