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Must-See Attractions in Ethiopia

When you think of luxury destinations for a holiday, you traditionally think of a European capital city such as Paris, France, or a Caribbean island like Jamaica. However, Ethiopia holidays offer you a bevy of cultural and natural wonders with the latest luxury amenities to make it your next port of call. Civilization Set on […]

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Madagascar, a Haven for Wildlife Lovers

Wildlife lovers will have heard about Madagascar and the unique animal species that can be found there, but being there and seeing first hand the amazing array of wildlife is a truly eye opening experience. Probably the most famous species found on this island are lemurs, and these are what most visitors are anxious to […]

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Join Me On My South Africa Tour

On landing in Johannesburg we were ushered straight from arrivals to our hotel. We were impressed by the exciting buzz and feel of Johannesburg as the place is undergoing fast and exciting development. Our first stop was the Apartheid museum. We had heard the reviews and read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography but nothing prepared us for […]

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How to Find African Travel Jobs Online

I came across the following website the other day, and thought it might be useful to those of you looking for a specific travel job in Africa. In a nutshell, “Lodge Staff” is great for two categories of people: 1. Job Seekers For people looking for a particular job in the African travel industry. For […]

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Dr Clay and Rescued Zebra

What Sound Does a Zebra Make?

While it might not “sound” that obvious, zebras do indeed produce noises. Some of them are very close to what horses sound like, yet they also have a very distinct high-pitched noise that makes them very special! Generally speaking, zebras either bark, bray or snort. Such sound signals may express alertness, curiosity, or can be […]

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How to Save on Safaris

If you’re planning an African safari adventure and have looked into the cost, there’s a fair chance this may have deterred you. But it shouldn’t. Companies such as Wonga South Africa can provide short-term loans if you’re looking to organise the trip of a lifetime, but it’s a good idea to cut the cost right […]

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The Unknown Beauties of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a beautiful place to visit. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend a dream holiday, this is the place for you. Beautiful scenery, breathtaking wildlife and historical sites are just some of the things waiting for you when you arrive on your Ethiopia holidays. The diversity is what makes the country so unique. […]

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Tanzania’s Gorgeous National Parks

Tanzania is home to fourteen unique National Parks. All of them exist to aid in conservation of the amazing wildlife and spectacular plants and flowers so plentiful in Tanzania. A visit to Tanzania’s incredible National Parks gives one a true feel for the natural wonders thriving there. Tanzania’s National Parks Offer Flamingo Sightings and Amazing […]

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Inspired by Africa: Wildlife Off the Beaten Track

Luxury family holidays don’t have to entail spending time in typical tourist destinations. Adventurous and active families have been making memories by booking holidays such as a Botswana safari and exploring the back country of Africa. If you are looking for a travel experience that you and your family will remember for the rest of […]

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Do Hyenas Really “Laugh”?

While it may seem like hyenas are “laughing”, the sound they produce is actually used to communicate. Such funny noises may express excitement, nervousness (when confronted by lions for instance), and it is often produced when the animal is on the prowl for food. Other typical hyena sounds consist of cackles, giggles, growls, whines and […]

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Choosing the Perfect Luxury Family Safari Holiday

Many equate the word “safari” with the wilds of Africa and rightly so. However, families might embark on a luxury safari while visiting a number of countries around the world. While Africa certainly offers exciting adventures and the opportunity of seeing lions, elephants and zebras, Borneo offers primate viewing and India presents the endangered tiger. […]

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What Does a Hippo Sound Like?

I’ve decided to start a little animal sound “concert”. In other words, each week I will feature a different safari sound. Today’s sound of the wild is from our hippo friend. What does a hippo sound like? Hippos grunt, groan, roar and make loud wheezing sounds! Enjoy the hippo show (simply click on the “play” […]

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