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Elephants Imogen McCormick Matthews

The History of the South African Safari

In recent years, safari holidays have become extremely popular, contributing to a surge in South Africa’s tourism industry. With many animal species entering the endangered list or becoming completely extinct, more and more people want to witness these rare and beautiful animals in their natural habitat – and safari holidays offer them this exact opportunity. […]

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How to Save Money on your South Africa Holiday

Guest Post by David Elliott. South Africa is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination, especially since it hosted the World Cup, and cities like Johannesburg are experiencing a real boom. As well as the vibrant urban life, visitors on safari can get close and personal with some of the world’s most fascinating animals in […]

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Driving around Kruger National Park, South Africa

Guest Post by Susan Cook-Jahme. You are looking at your “Bucket List” of things to do before you die and one sentence in particular is highlighted in fluorescent yellow: “Travel to South Africa to take a safari in the Kruger National Park”. Actually, your dreams are only a flight away to South Africa on a […]

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Hurghada Guide for Holidaymakers (Part 2)

Looking for Part 1? — The menu was well worth it, with a wide choice of hearty options, of which steak and seafood were the centrepiece. I opted for the Camel steak with little trepidation, I love exotic meats and I figured Egypt’s widely accepted national treasure wouldn’t disappoint (unfortunately I don’t have a picture […]

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Hurghada Guide for Holidaymakers (Part 1)

It’s no secret that Egypt has grown rapidly as a holiday destination over the past decade, the North African region has plenty to offer holidaymakers, boasting year round sunshine, reasonable prices and relatively short flight times from all over Europe. Indeed other countries in the region, notably Morocco and Tunisia are also experiencing a boom […]

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Back to Africa…

That’s right, I’ve decided to return to Africa! I don’t exactly know how yet, or under what conditions, but one thing for sure is that my life belongs over there, and that I want to get involved in African wildlife and conservation matters in a much more concrete way! My dream? To be able to […]

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Story of the Lemur

How Did Lemurs Get to Madagascar? Lemurs arrived in Madagascar around 62 to 65 million years ago by rafting on mats of vegetation at a time when ocean currents favored oceanic dispersal to the island. Range in Size – The Indri can reach 3.9 ft (1.1 m) with its legs extended, 9 kg in weight […]

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5 Unmissable Things to Do in Madagascar

Madagascar is an island full of interesting contrasts. Between ancient influences and modern ones, it is always full of surprises. There are things that are absolutely unmissable when travelling on luxury Madagascar holidays. These unusual experiences make visiting the region an unforgettable adventure. Watching the Migration of Whales around Baie d’Antongil In the Baie d’Antongil, […]

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Must-See Attractions in Ethiopia

When you think of luxury destinations for a holiday, you traditionally think of a European capital city such as Paris, France, or a Caribbean island like Jamaica. However, Ethiopia holidays offer you a bevy of cultural and natural wonders with the latest luxury amenities to make it your next port of call. Civilization Set on […]

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Madagascar, a Haven for Wildlife Lovers

Wildlife lovers will have heard about Madagascar and the unique animal species that can be found there, but being there and seeing first hand the amazing array of wildlife is a truly eye opening experience. Probably the most famous species found on this island are lemurs, and these are what most visitors are anxious to […]

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Join Me On My South Africa Tour

On landing in Johannesburg we were ushered straight from arrivals to our hotel. We were impressed by the exciting buzz and feel of Johannesburg as the place is undergoing fast and exciting development. Our first stop was the Apartheid museum. We had heard the reviews and read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography but nothing prepared us for […]

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