Sounds of the wild: most popular safari sounds

African Animal Sounds

1. Baboon

2. Elephant

Elephant Trumpet Sound

Elephant Growl

3. Hippo

Hippo Roar Grunts

4. Hyena

Laughing Hyenas

5. Impala

6. Jackal

7. Leopard

Video 1: Leopard Call Close-Up

Video 2: Leopard Call at Night

Listen carefully to the baboon alarm calls…next you’ll hear the leopard call. 😉

8. Lion

9. Zebra

Zebra Sound

African Bird Sounds

1. African Fish Eagle

Fish Eagle Sound

2. Crested Francolin

Crested Francolins Calling

3. Guinea Fowl

Typical African Bush Sounds

Sounds of the African Bush

Night Time Bush Sounds in Africa

1. Riverine Area

Cicadas & Frogs

2. Creepy Hyena Calls

Which One’s Your Favourite?

Please comment below to award your winner! 😉

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