Broadcasting from Kenya to the world: The tech-savvy African media house with big ambitions

Welcome to the world of Spielworks Media, an African media house utilising tech to push their content beyond Kenya and the East African region.

African Media Initiative profiled the tech-savvy media organisation in a recent video interview with Spielworks founder, Dorothy Ghettuba. In the interview, Ghettuba discusses how digital technologies are helping her company grow, discussing cloud computing, social analytics and accessibility to tech.

When asked about future trends in African media, Ghettuba picked out ‘i-Reporting’ – AKA citizen journalism, where regular citizens create stories, photos and videos – as continuing its meteoric rise and disruptive influence on traditional media orthodoxies, as well as alluding to further growth in multi-screening.

“The big screen will always be there,” Ghettuba said, “but it will complement the small screen.”

Spielworks Media’s work encompasses TV and digital content creation, development and production. Set up in 2008, they are already responsible for a string of hit TV dramas that focus on “telling African stories”.

Sumu La Penzi is one such show, a drama that follows the adventures and mishaps of three urban ladies who fund their lavish lifestyles by preying on rich businessmen. Mariam, Eva and Tindi tumble from social gatherings to bars and friends’ workplaces looking for wealthy (and usually married) city workers.

The media house also produced Kenya’s first and only medical drama series, Saints and a coming-of-age yarn about students in Kilimanjaro University getting to grips with the harsh realities of identity, life and survival on campus.

Ghettuba’s interview is part of an African Media Initiative series exploring the links between media and technology in shaping development conversations in Africa.

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