The sentencing of a supposed US biofuel entrepreneur on fraud charges earlier this year drew something of a line under a distinctly unsavoury saga, but it only told one small part of a much bigger [...]

Trophy Hunting: unethical Namibian hunters to blame for poor image

Hunters who engage in unethical and illegal practices are largely to blame for the decline in the “overall acceptance” of trophy hunting by the general public and influential institutions across [...]

Ivory trade: China to set date to close factories

Preparation is under way in China to bring in a ban on their domestic ivory trade, following a promise made with the US earlier this year.

Botswana bans elephant-back rides

From the end of this month, no elephants will be permitted to be ridden in Botswana. Abu Camp, the only facility that allowed elephant back riding in the country, has [...]

Rowing to Rio to save the planet

Rowing from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro to save our planet and launch the DOT challenge App.

From ‘least concern’ to ‘vulnerable’ – giraffes under threat

The latest report of the IUCN red list was released earlier this week, bringing us a mix of good and bad news, as we experience animal numbers victories and declines. [...]

It’s time to stand tall for imperilled giraffes

Pardon the pun, but it’s time to stick our necks out for giraffes. We have mistakenly taken the world’s tallest mammal for granted, fretting far more about other beloved animals [...]

In search of the Koekemakranka

Koekemakranka is a strange name for a plant. Sounding more like an incantation than a botanical variety, this attractive plant was held in high regard by man long before the [...]

Can Japanese say no to ivory products?

I’m a Japanese woman married to a British diplomat. We keep moving places every 3 to 4 years and currently live in Malawi after staying four years in Kenya. Since [...]

Protecting gorillas at all costs: park rangers of the Congo

In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the government is trying to develop tourism. But the lives of rangers who patrol areas popular for rare gorillas are on the [...]

Horses are now rhino’s new best friends

Horses are now being again deployed for anti-poaching patrols in Kruger.

A Transformation of Ngamo Plains

Rains in Hwange have brought a spring to everyone’s step and a remarkable transformation…

“Bush Buddies” brings learners from different sides of the socio-economic divide together and closer to nature

In a context where young South Africans still struggle to connect across entrenched divides, and preserving the environment frequently falls to the bottom of a long national priority list, Limpopo’s [...]

iSimangaliso: the moving release of two rehabilitated turtles

On 28 November 2016, two rehabilitated green turtles nicknamed ‘Mel’ and ‘Grotto’ were released here at Mabibi by park CEO Andrew Zaloumis and senior aquarist Robert Kyle from SAAMBR. Read [...]

African deforestation: 3 ways to reduce our footprint

Africa perhaps isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you think about deforestation – we typically hear more dire warnings and gloomy predictions about the impact of tree [...]

What do rhinos and music have in common

Namibians are standing together to show their support for rhino conservation. Plus find out what music and rhinos have in common…

African conservation: recent successes and ongoing threats

The daily struggle for survival continually being faced by some of Africa’s most iconic and beloved species is an issue that, unfortunately, we’re still all too familiar with. We all [...]

Why you should visit the West Coast Fossil Park

By Roxanne Reid. Drive about 90 minutes north of Cape Town and you’ll find a strange place where giant creatures roamed long before the appearance of man on Earth. Here [...]

Great elephant census reveals massive population decline in African savanna elephants

The alarming results of the Great Elephant Census (GEC), the first-ever Africa-wide survey of savanna elephants, were announced on Wednesday at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World [...]

Cameroon’s First Participatory 3D Mapping for Forest Monitoring and Conservation Management

A three-dimensional model of part of the Cameroon Highlands has been unveiled by the African Conservation Foundation and ERuDeF on Monday 30 May in an official ceremony at the Southwest [...]