There are many benefits to conserving wildlife and our environment. Not only can we keep the earth’s ecosystem in balance, but conservation can help to prevent disasters such as floods, fires and droughts. And it [...]

Opinion: Elephants damage only 1% of Hwange’s vegetation

One of the main motivations for killing elephants in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is the argument that they destroy the plants and this is accepted by many as a [...]

Opinion: Worth more alive

An opinion piece on the questionable role of trophy hunting in conservation.

Preparing for the next eclipse: 6 products for the best experience

Image by Gerrit Vermeulen (via It’s a rare and beautiful sight to see the sun blotted out by our tiny moon, but it is never more beautiful than witnessing [...]

Collaring and monitoring wild dogs in Mana Pools

The perfect opportunity to dart and collar an alpha wild dog in Mana Pools arises for the Bushlife Safaris team.

Opinion: Hunting is sustainable (ab)use

None of the existing role players in conservation understand what is required to save Africa’s vanishing wilderness. The issue is just too broad and deep – and politically charged. Read [...]

Land issues: The story of beauty and violence

Land, an emotive subject, a limited resource that builds nations or breaks them. Use it well and you thrive, use it unwisely and you will sink to the bottomless pit [...]

Fly tipping in Africa – a global issue, and a local one too

cc image via Albert Gonzalez Farran, UNAMID Illegal dumping of waste in public areas, otherwise known as fly tipping, is becoming a bigger and bigger problem worldwide. Despite the increased [...]

George: A Hero for Rhinos

Today on World Rhino Day we pay tribute to all the people who spend their lives protecting these magnificent animals: anti-poaching teams, trackers, guides, guests and our dedicated rhino monitors [...]

Talking Rhino PSA
The African animals that are bouncing back

Africa is home to some of the world’s best loved and most fascinating animals, with large predators that sweep the savannahs, huge herds of grazing herbivores and monkeys, apes and [...]

Mandundumela – A New Frontier for Game Water Supply By Mr B

Mandundumela is a unique and very remote area of Hwange. A chunk of land, untouched, wild and free where majestic camelthorns provide shade and comfort for the old elephant bulls… [...]

African oil: a new era, or a brief fling?

For all the many environmental headlines we’re used to reading about Africa, surprisingly few of them ever seem to concern oil. We’re entirely accustomed to following the ups and downs [...]

Raise of Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permits a direct Boost for Gorilla Conservation?

The Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) decision to double price of Rwanda gorilla permits from USD 750 to USD1500 has been received with mixed feelings from local and international tour operators, [...]

A tribute to our co-founder John Parkin, a gifted teacher and pioneer in community-based conservation

The African Conservation Foundation lost a dear friend and colleague recently as our co-founder John Parkin sadly suddenly passed away, aged 72. John Parkin was a gifted teacher and after [...]

Saddling up in the Drakensberg foothills

The city of Durban, normally hot and sunny was wet and windy when I arrived, but not with the wintry drizzle of England. No, it was African rain – warm, [...]

Patrick Bergin on CNNMoney with Maggie Lake
Are African businesses finally ready to go green?

Those of you keeping an eye on Africa’s varying eco credentials over the past few years may have noticed an exciting trend beginning to emerge of late. We’ve known for [...]

African court’s landmark ruling gives hope to rural people across the continent

The still new African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights has issued a landmark judgement for marginalised communities across Africa. It ruled that the Kenyan government violated the rights of [...]

Rhino Conservation Awards 2017 Nominations Are Open

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 Rhino Conservation Awards 2017 Nominations Are Open The rhino poaching war rages on, and those that offer their lives, their skills, or their support are in [...]

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