You never know who you’ll bump into at Tokai Forest in Cape Town!

Water doesn’t come from a tap

Using the natural backdrop of a waterfall or a river as a classroom to learn about how to protect water sources.

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CITW Makuleke Youth Environmental Stewardship Workshop

Janet Wilkinson was delighted to catch up with some of the high school children who have participated on the CITW camps at Pafuri Trails since 2013.

I can’t afford to volunteer in my own country

Does the future look dark for local conservationists?

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Wilderness Safaris’ Namibia Water-Saving Campaign

Namibia is experiencing its driest year in more than 50 years and to encourage all our staff at head office to be aware of this, not only at their own [...]

African Sunrise with Acacia Tree Time Lapse HD – Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
Dirt Road Landscape Time Lapse HD – Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
Earth Day with The Lion Whisperer | The Lion Whisperer
The process of desertification at work
Water scarcity in Africa (and how you can help to make a difference)

As weather patterns shift and change over centuries, they determine the quality of life on the Earth below. Soil quality, wildlife and plant biodiversity, resistance to natural disasters; all of [...]

African mahogany – the ‘I don’t know’ tree

9 facts about the iconic African mahogany tree!

10 really easy ways to get involved this Earth Hour

Here are 10 simple ways to make a difference this Earth Hour on 19 March.

saan people kalahari desert
10 things you didn’t know about the Kalahari desert

A desert that has been around since the formation of Africa sixty million years ago. Over 350,000 square miles stretching across three countries. Home to some of the world’s most [...]

Table Mountain time lapse Brendon Wainwright
Spectacular time-lapse reveals Mother City in all its glory

If you believe you know Cape Town, think again! For you’re about to rediscover the Mother City in all its glory! In “I am Cape Town”, Brendon Wainwright uses the [...]

sahara solar energy
Morocco is about to build a huge solar plant in the desert

Morocco is now en-route to becoming the world’s leading supplier of solar energy, thanks to The Noor Solar Project, a mega solar plant being built just outside Ouarzazate, Morocco’s “door [...]

The man who revealed there’s a lot more water in Africa than anybody thought speaks out

By Liz Kalaugher Back in 2012, Alan MacDonald’s paper in Environmental Research Letters (ERL) revealed that there’s a lot more water beneath the African continent than most people suspected. “Quantitative [...]

Beyond fishing: Diversifying livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin

More than 80 percent of the estimated 42 million people living in Central Africa’s Lake Victoria Basin depend on fishing or farming for survival. Given this overwhelming reliance on natural [...]

Meet the Aussie nomad who bartered and hitchhiked his way to Africa without boarding a single plane

Meet Simon, a true adventurer in every sense of the word. He quit his job as a restaurant manager in Australia just over two years ago and has since bartered [...]

After spending 15 years in exile, lions are finally returning to Rwanda

Lions are returning to Rwanda for the first time since the imperilled animal was wiped out in the wake of the country’s 1994 genocide. Seven lions are settling into their new [...]

People in South Africa waddle 130km for endemic penguin species

Raising awareness of African penguins’ fight for existence is a tormenting business. Photojournalist Linda Markovina discovered as much while walking the equivalent of three marathons in one week along the coast of South Africa’s Western Cape. [...]

Flora mapping flora: Unlocking the nutrition in Benin’s sacred forests

In the tropical forests of Benin, far below the towering ebony, shea and mahogany trees, one can find an abundance of riches. Mongoose, warthogs and chameleons scamper through lush foliage, made up [...]