Godzilla Fight? Battle Of The Monitor Lizards
Loading The Lions | The Lion Whisperer
Scotia Female Leopard Chased By The Torchwood Male
A closer look at pangolins and the pangolin men

Imagine the possibility of walking with pangolins. Adrian Steirn’s recent photographic series The Pangolin Men captures a unique and exceptional scenario of beasts and men.

The highest density of lions in Africa?

Latest research just published shows that 2 of the places with the highest density of lions in Africa are Olare Motorogi Conservancy and Ol Kinyei Conservancy in the Maasai Mara [...]

Video: Becoming the lion king

Practicing the skills needed for adult life is the most important part of any young animals journey in the wild! These little lion cubs are learning some crucial lessons. Read [...]

Argumentative Hippos
Jackal cubs give us some insight into the nature vs nurture debate

Is behaviour and disposition ingrained in a species’ genetics or is it merely a product of multiple positive and negative experiences throughout its life?

Pride of Lions Block Entrance to Tourist’s Toilet
Young Elephant Bulls Play Fight
Mating ritual of a Red-Crested Korhaan

“Have you ever seen Red-Crested Korhaan mating? This guy put up quite a show to impress his lady as well as the crowd in the game drive vehicle …”

The Lion and the Buffalo – A Fight to the Bitter End

Many of you may have seen and even read about the famous clash between a male lion and a female buffalo in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. There has been [...]

Rhino Calf Rescue

When you go through all the effort of relocating a breeding nucleus of a critically endangered species, it follows that you would pull out all the stops to try and [...]

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