How Did Lemurs Get to Madagascar? Lemurs arrived in Madagascar around 62 to 65 million years ago by rafting on mats of vegetation at a time when ocean currents favored oceanic dispersal to the island. [...]

What sound does a zebra make?

While it might not “sound” that obvious, zebras do indeed produce noises. Some of them are very close to what horses sound like, yet they also have a very distinct [...]

Inspired by Africa: wildlife off the beaten track

Luxury family holidays don’t have to entail spending time in typical tourist destinations. Adventurous and active families have been making memories by booking holidays such as a Botswana safari and [...]

Do hyenas really “laugh”?

While it may seem like hyenas are “laughing”, the sound they produce is actually used to communicate. Such funny noises may express excitement, nervousness (when confronted by lions for instance), [...]

What does a hippo sound like?

I’ve decided to start a little animal sound “concert”. In other words, each week I will feature a different safari sound. Today’s sound of the wild is from our hippo [...]

Africa’s endangered safari hit list

Guest Post by Chris Mears. Africa is awe-inspiring beauty wherever you decide to safari, but our main reason for travel on the continent is ultimately concerned with wildlife. Unfortunately, poaching [...]

Top 10 best African wildlife videos on YouTube

If you’re like me and you love “African wildlife action”, you’ve probably spent endless hours glued to your screen on some of the amazing footage out there! 🙂 Today I’d [...]

Wild animal close encounters: Do’s and don’ts

If you should ever come across a bloat of hippos or a pride of lions when touring the Serengeti, consider yourself most fortunate. With that said, proceed with caution. While [...]

Who said marabou storks only ate carrion?

While this assumption is partly true (marabou storks are indeed frequent scavengers), the “ugly bird” also eats other things such as frogs, fish, smaller birds and insects (like these flying [...]

Monkey attack

Lake Nakuru, picnic time…or should I rather say; “fighting the monkeys” time? 🙂 Vervet monkeys may not be the largest of the monkey family, but boy can they be quick [...]

How to wrestle … like an impala

Why do Impalas Fight? Male impalas usually engage in a fight for two reasons: for courtship (during the breeding season; called rutting), or for fun. In the video example…

Elephant encounter: how close is “close”?

A VERY COOL elephant movie clip, and great rules to follow in order to come REAL close to elephants.

How Chobe’s elephants will inspire you

If you are an elephant lover then there is no better place in the world to see these majestic and intelligent mammals than on a Botswana safari to the Chobe [...]

Why the oryx is the “Constant Gardener”

A true “pooh” story about the oryx and how this amazing animal is essential in the cycle of life! 🙂 Video Summary – The gemsbok, also known as the oryx, [...]

The best places to watch elephants in Africa

The African elephant is a true continental icon and embodies the spirit of Africa’s last, truly wild places. And, perhaps more than any other animal, it is incredible to behold [...]

“Robbed” by an elephant (iPhone story)

Let’s put things back into context, shall we? 🙂 Here’s the situation… Location? Simba A Campsite, on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania). Time of the Day? It’s almost night [...]

Female impala with “horns”

In this footage, from the Timbavati Private Game Reserve in South Africa, we see one of the rarest sightings ever made on a game drive in the African bush – [...]

The truth about scorpion stings

A very informative talk with “Boesman” (Bushman in Afrikaans), who explains to us interesting facts about scorpions, how to recognize the most venomous scorpion types, how to catch them, how [...]

A “smelly” encounter

“More seals breed at Cape Cross than anywhere else in the world” says Job Kamati, ranger at the Cape Cross Seal Reserve. It sure feels extra special to be surrounded [...]

Leopard snack

This young female leopard was spotted early one morning in light rain at Motswari Private Game Reserve, in South Africa’s Timbavati. She had killed a red-billed quelea (bird) and was [...]