On my recent Overland trip I was fortunate enough to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – a sanctuary for young elephants and rhinos. About Sheldrick The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a small charity [...]

How to attract a female ostrich

On my recent overlanding trip to Africa we stumbled across an interesting ostrich love scene whilst in the Ngorongoro Crater. Ostriches have a very intriguing way of breeding so I [...]

White lions in the Timbavati

In my years of travelling across Southern and Eastern Africa, I have been privileged to witness some of the most incredible sights – the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti [...]

Up close and personal with meerkats

Somewhere deep in the heart of South Africa’s rolling Free State province is a quiet forgotten backroad which offers something completely off the beaten track and helps to prove why [...]

Top 10 major differences between cheetahs & leopards – Part Three

6. Hunting Technique The cheetah runs after its prey, tackles it from behind to knock it off balance, and goes for the throat. Leopards prefer to ambush their prey from [...]

Top 10 major differences between cheetahs & leopards – Part Two

Cheetah vs Leopard: Top 10 Major Differences 1. Behavior Cheetah: Females are solitary (except when raising cubs). Males sometimes form coalitions of 2-3 individuals. The species is generally not dangerous [...]

Top 10 major differences between cheetahs & leopards

Overview – Leopards have rosette-shaped spots. Cheetahs have solid round, or oval, spots. – Leopards have no “tear” line. Cheetahs have a black “tear” line running from the inside of [...]

Download your FREE African animal checklist

A detailed checklist of the major African animals you may encounter in both East Africa and Southern Africa. Checklist available in alphabetical order.

Sounds of the wild: most popular safari sounds

Listen to some of the most popular African animal sounds out there. The majority of them are ones that you are most likely to come across while on safari.

When hyenas steal leopard kill

Leopards Galore! Most Folk believe that the Leopard is elusive and hard to find, well, that is simply not true.  You just have to know where to go. As an [...]

Funny and unusual “signs” of the wild

Ever been on an African safari to come across intriguing “signs” of the wild? And by “signs” I do not mean “spoor” or any physical characteristics associated with wildlife, but [...]

Top 5 most striking differences between African & Asian elephants

Elephant Joke Just for fun! 😉 An animated jeweller called the police station to report a robbery. “You’ll never believe what happened, Sergeant. A truck backed up to my store, [...]

How to “spot” leopards of the Serengeti

An Africa visit is incomplete without a trip to the Serengeti Plains. Camping in the Serengeti is an experience of a lifetime: you are close to nature like at no [...]

What makes the mountain gorilla so special

Scientific Name The Latin name for mountain gorillas is Gorilla beringei beringei. Habitat The mountain gorilla inhabits the tropical rainforests of Central and Eastern Africa; in Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park), [...]

Safari quizz: fun animal riddles

1. I have an unfair advantage when it is warm and sunny, and I use parts of my body to remain in the shade. I am…? A. An elephant. B. [...]

Capturing African wildlife with Herman Gerber from Safari TV

An Interview with Herman Gerber, professional camera operator in the Sabi Sands. 1. Hi Herman! Please present yourself in a couple of words… I am a professional live wildlife photographer [...]

Common animal names in local African languages

Ever wanted to find out how to say “zebra” in Swahili, or even “leopard” in Zulu? With the following table, you’ll be able to identify the most common animals of [...]

Top 5 funniest African wildlife videos on YouTube

1. The “Domestic” Hippo! Hippos are known to kill more humans in Africa than any other wild mammals. Jessica however, is the complete opposite and has never shown any signs of [...]

The dung beetle: an outstanding planetary citizen

Ancient Beliefs In Ancient Egypt dung beetles, or scarabs, were worshiped. Egyptians believed that the scarab was a god that rolled the sun across the sky and buried it each [...]

The most majestic African eagles

Eagles are differentiated from many other birds of prey mainly by their larger size, more powerful build, and heavier head and beak. Even the smallest eagles, like the Booted Eagle [...]