African Wild Dog Pack Eats Whilst Keeping A Leopard Up A Tree
Lions Chase Leopard, Steal Kill- Londolozi TV
Red-Billed Quelea Take Over Lion Plain

It was late September and I was leaving camp for a morning game drive. We were heading towards the Luangwa River and crossing an open area known locally lion Plain. [...]

Mating Mambas or Deadly Duel

We often set out in the hope of seeing some of the bigger items on the safari menu lion, leopard, elephant but its often the unexpected and sometimes smaller wildlife [...]

Wild Dogs Chase Impala Lamb Into Vehicle
My Very First Sighting In Kenya

Have you ever traveled to any of the National Parks in Kenya? If you answer is yes, I’m sure you remember the feeling you got when you saw the dazzling [...]

Lutembe Bay: Counting birds (and the resident shoebill)

Over 1030 bird species have been recorded in Uganda, a veritable birder’s paradise. Indeed it’s quite common for European tourists (who have dismissed all birds as LBBs (or Little Brown [...]

Photography From A Very Special Hide

Hide photography comes with its own unique set of challenges. Usually it requires a lot of patience and waiting for the animals to come to you. Very rarely will you [...]

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ET the aardvark goes home

ET was found and brought to me at ZURI Orphanage in Namibia in August 2015. Small and alien-like in appearance, ET settled in quickly with life on the farm. We [...]

Titanic battle between squirrel and parrot

On the morning of the 30th May, I witnessed a tussle between one of the current occupants of the nest, a brown-headed parrot pair, and a tree squirrel which dared [...]

Giraffe Tries Hard to Mate With Female
Hyenas Intimidate Two Male Lions on Kill- Londolozi TV
Tracks of Bloody Lion Fight- Londolozi TV
New Male Lions Roaring- Londolozi TV
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2 Black Mamba Snakes Fighting on Golf Course
The Ultimate Feast

It was July, still a relatively cool and pleasant time in the Luangwa Valley. The Inland water holes were just starting to dwindle and the animals were slowly but surely [...]

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