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Elephants in Laikipia have come into the firing line on many occasions with over 20 killed in recent months and many more injured. Many do not make it, but sometimes [...]

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Did you know that while on a safari in Uganda, every day is a primate day? Find out why Uganda is arguably the primate capital of the world.

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Each one of the Greater Kruger National Park’s remarkable animals has a set of unique characteristics and hyena are no different. At Senalala Luxury Safari Camp we were fortunate enough [...]

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A trip to the Ruaha National Park is an exhilarating adventure into the unknown.  Very few other wildernesses in Africa can convey the sheer isolation and expanse of land that [...]

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By Roxanne Reid. Mokala is a malaria-free park that lies off the N12 about 75 kilometres southwest of Kimberley – a perfect stopover between Cape Town and Johannesburg. But don’t [...]

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