The unspoilt wilderness of Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve

CAR’s Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve is one of Africa’s last vestiges of unexplored wilderness and a place definitely worth visiting.

Leopard and her cubs share in Kudu feast

This was nature at its rawest – a spectacularly unique yet harrowing sighting in the Khwai Concession which borders Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana.

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15 facts about Swakopmund’s dunes and desert creatures

By Roxanne Reid. Think the sand dunes outside Swakopmund in Namibia are barren? Join Tommy Collard on a Living Desert Tour and he’ll prove that every patch of sand is a [...]

Rhinos Mating in Front of Tourists
Tips For Shooting Black & White

When out in the field, I know from MANY previous experiences, one can get very overwhelmed and extremely excited when you suddenly bump into a leopard or maybe that animals [...]

How to Photograph Elephants

Elephants are the largest land mammal on Earth, an unmistakable and thrilling characteristic, and within the environment they are considered the most influential ecosystem engineers among large mammals.

A surprise encounter with an aardwolf

An aardwolf makes a surprise appearance on a game drive at Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe, South Africa.

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Protecting the precious pangolins

Pangolins are one of the most threatened animals in the world, and they are so rare that many safari guides will retire without ever having seen one.

Elephant Shows Wild Dogs & the Police Who’s Boss
Video: Close up encounter with Kruger elephant

A video showing an up close and personal account of an elephant who got a little too close for comfort in the Kruger National Park in South Africa

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Five fantastic animal migrations in Africa

There’s nothing quite like seeing a large body of animals on the move. The scale, determination and distance covered can really carry through how it’s survival of the fittest in [...]

Terrapin tales: Hitching a ride on a hippo

A terrapin finds itself high and dry after hitching a ride on the back of a hippo.

How Slow Can You Go?

The real answer? As slow as you want. With our Great Migration safari season fast approaching I have had quite a few people ask about how to photograph the spectacle [...]

Elephants Desperately Try Bring Dying Calf Back to Life
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2 Cheetahs Kill Impala Lamb Right Next to Road