There’s magic to be found even in the most seemingly barren places on earth. Cayley Christos experiences one such magic moment during her visit to Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia.

The Lost Footage | The Lion Whisperer
Why do zebras have stripes?

There are five hypotheses as to why the zebra has stripes… Marula Lodge gets closer to answering the age-old question.

Video: holiday chats with a rock hyrax

Early morning conversations with a rock hyrax in Namibia leave this traveller enchanted.

New species of dwarf lemur discovered in Madagascar

In the forests of northern Madagascar, scientists have discovered a new species of dwarf lemur.

Mating leopards in a tree

Deon de Villiers has all the luck. Find out about his most recent sighting of two leopards mating at Mombo Camp.

Epic swarm of 100,000+ birds dance in the sky

“Quelea here, Quelea there, Quelea everywhere… While Quelea birds are common in South Africa and the world, one normally only sees the ad-hoc ‘swarm’ moving across the grasslands, but never [...]

The power of cropping

Whilst there is no substitute for attention to detail whilst composing a shot in the field, cropping is a powerful tool to be used in post processing. For one, it [...]

Finding Africa’s rarest parrot – Cape Parrots in Magoebaskloof

A birding trip into the Magoesbaskloof in Limpopo, South Africa to find Africa’s rarest parrot.

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How A Lion REALLY Roars! #AskMeg | The Lion Whisperer
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Male Rhino Versus Mother and Calf
Architects of the Okavango part 2: Elephants

 Botswana is home to a growing population of about 200 thousand elephants. Research (by Elephants without Borders) has shown that the elephants of northern Botswana have the largest home ranges (24,828 [...]

Lions Hunt & Attack Impalas at Waterhole
Architects of the Okavango part 1: Hippos

Ever since a child, I have been mesmerised by Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Yet it’s only in my adult years that I’ve truly begun to appreciate the delicate details of this mesmerising ecosystem. [...]

Embrace the shadows

It’s always about the best light! Isn’t It?? As a photographer, light is a need because with no light, comes no photograph. BUT one has to remember, it is not [...]

Buffalo and wild dogs: a meeting against all odds

What started out as a normal social gathering of the wild dog pack prior to a hunt, with all the regular cat and mouse chases to warm and stretch the [...]

This is: Kruger National Park

Arguably one of the largest and most famous Game Reserves in Africa, Kruger National Park has become a hub for many photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.  Situated in the Northeastern part [...]

Why you’ll love Monkeyland near Plettenberg Bay

By Roxanne Reid. Take a holiday on South Africa’s Garden Route and you’ll find lots of things to keep you amused. If you’re looking for a great day out for [...]