A Dream Come True

Most people think that the biggest part of being a safari guide are the animals. I can tell you, this is certainly not the case, although all guides, I’m sure, [...]

Video: a dugong fairytale in the Red Sea

An up close encounter with one of the oceans endangered species, the dugong, in the red sea in Egypt.

Photoseries: early morning playtime for hyena cubs

A mother hyena gets an early morning wake up call from her cubs.

Hawk Tries to Kill Cuckoo Bird
The Way of the Wild

Kyle De Nobrega and Ruth Nussbaum of C4PhotoSafaris recently spent several days exploring our camps in Botswana. After packing up and heading to the airstrip on their final day, they [...]

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers most

Young elephants love to tussle. It tests their strength and helps them grow up. Oddly enough, as mature adults they don’t usually establish dominance by fighting, rather by whether they [...]

Wildlife protection: the emergence of intelligence-led policing

Intelligence-led policing (ILP) is increasingly promoted, but is it the most effective method of wildlife protection?

Tiny Leopard Cubs Play- Londolozi TV
5 ways to see wildlife on an African safari

Traditionally, when one took an African safari, the only way to view wildlife was on a game drive. Today there are more options for game viewing.

Not One But Three in a Tree – Amazing Leopard Footage at Mombo

A leopard threesome… View Mike’s incredible photo sequence showing three leopards in a tree (two mating leopards and another male trying his luck).

The Wildlife Photography Podcast – Episodes 1 to 6

Our goal at Wild Eye is to change the way our guests and clients see the world! This goes for both the way in which we manage our private guided and [...]

5 arid parks worth visiting in the Northern Cape

​By Roxanne Reid. It may not be home to Table Mountain or the Kruger National Park – two of South Africa’s most well known attractions – but the Northern Cape [...]

Elephant Shows Rhino Who’s Boss!
Masking up for gorillas

Jacada Travel is raising awareness about wearing face masks when visiting the critically endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda.

TOUGH LOVE | The Lion Whisperer
Orphaned baby warthogs find a home at Rhino River Lodge

Two adorable orphaned baby warthogs are given a little assistance from the staff at Rhino River Lodge.

Video: a mommy and baby rat reunite thanks to EcoTraining

When a baby acacia rat falls from its nest, the guides at EcoTraining play a hand in reuniting it with its mother.

Zebra tries to kill foal while mother fights back

“This video, filmed by Daniel Tjärnén, shows a male zebra’s intent on trying to kill a rival’s zebra foal in Etosha National Park, Namibia.” More info in the video description. [...]

Zebra Tries to Kill Foal While Mother Fights Back