Trip Report: Best of Botswana Photo Safari, the Xakanaxa and Khwai Regions

There are many ways to breakdown how this safari itinerary is in fact deserving of the title “Best of Botswana”. Botswana is a bucket list destination and, given the low [...]

A River Runs Through It – The Best of Botswana Guest Blog

A River Runs Through It – Martha A Myers Well, actually, two rivers run through it – – the Botswana that Andrew Beck re-introduced me to. Along with the pans in [...]

Spectacular sighting: White baboon spotted in Arusha

I was driving my three-door RAV4 on the road leading to the part of the national park called ‘small Serengeti’ with Mount Meru standing majestically in front of me while [...]

An Elephant in a Tree

On a morning game drive while staying at Savuti Camp we had a most unusual sighting driving along while looking out for the lions we had seen the day before, [...]

The bird-eating heron of the Kgalagadi

The Kgalagadi always delivers unusual opportunities to photograph animal and bird behaviour – such as a bird-eating heron.

Lion Quickly Attacks Car!
When Wild Dog and Lion Collide

The Linyanti Concession in the drier months produces game that can exceed any area of Botswana. Or so I have been told. I was particularly looking forward to meeting old [...]

Hyenas Fight Lions for Warthog Kill – Londolozi TV
Bobcat RETURNS! | The Lion Whisperer
The Pursuit of a Passion

The unfortunate reality of the fast-paced world in which we live, is that we often lose sight of what we are passionate about in life. Few people are able to [...]

Lioness Mother Rescues Her 6 Cubs After an Elephant Chase
The Essence of the Wild

A few weeks ago Shazmeen joined Jono and I on our last 2017 Migration safari.  In this blog post she shares some or image and experiences. Gerry. * * * [...]

Video: Elephant herd mock charges during game drive

It was on one particularly windy morning when we were out on a game drive, having just come from watching lions being chased by a young elephant bull, and I [...]

Meg FINDS Something! #AskMeg | The Lion Whisperer
Aerial Combat: A Battle of the Talons

We were photographing a tawny eagle in Hwange for a few minutes when it dropped to the ground and grabbed a large frog. We watched it carefully rip it open [...]

12 of the best waterholes at Etosha National Park, Namibia

By Roxanne Reid. There are more than 40 waterholes at Etosha National Park, each with its own strengths. We’re so addicted to this park in northern Namibia that we’ve visited nearly [...]

30+ Hippos Attack One Crocodile
My One Year Gallery Of Images

Hello all I am sure most of you know me by now, may it be that you have joined me on safari, seen me on & engaged on my social [...]

Rare sighting: Albino civet

The folks at Shenton Safaris have managed to capture rare footage of an albino civet drinking water at Mwamba Bushcamp in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

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