Battle Royal between Martial Eagle and Rock Monitor

A Martial eagle shows Mombo guests exactly how it derived its name in an epic battle lasting nearly four hours against a rock monitor.

The Hollywoods and the hippo

It was early June in Zambia’s South Luangwa National park and we had just opened camp. The first set of guests were enjoying excellent sightings. Lion and leopard were in [...]

Male lion attacks and kills hyena cub

“This is an amazing video of 2 male lions taking a stroll near a hyena den. They noticed a small hyena snoozing and decided to get rid of it by [...]

When apex predators collide there’s always an exciting sight

To witness any interactions is a pleasure but Christmas came early in Makalai on this particular day, with the Bushwise bush gods delivering us a sighting of epic proportions with [...]

Lion kill blocks traffic in Kruger Park
Wild dog and hyena pandemonium

Guests at Mombo recently watched in amazement as a pack of 18 wild dogs chased and killed an impala…

Wildebeest helps save dying friend

“A tourist filmed the moment a wildebeest was trying to get a dying wildebeest back up by trying to fling him into the air.”

Video: A pack of wild dogs turn on a pesky hyena

While staying at Mfuwe Lodge, in Zambia’s beautiful South Luangwa National Park, professional photographer Isak Pretorius witnessed a unique interaction between wild dogs and a pesky hyena.

Do elephants morn the death of other herbivores?

The Mbiri lionesses were faced with a choice when a couple of elephants came feeding towards them whilst they were on a Buffalo kill. They could either stick with their [...]

Video: A vervet monkey takes on an eagle villain in defence of its baby

When my 2-way radio crackles to life and ‘Charlie 11’ is called, my stomach starts to tingle and the excitement builds. On the radio here in the Zululand Rhino Reserve, [...]

Shark cage diving in Gansbaai

Shark cage diving is a contentious subject. The tour operators and supporters maintain that the activity is safe and in no way impacts on the shark’s behaviour negatively.

Cheetah takes down nyala
Rhino de-horning with chainsaw
Top 10 safari spots for 2017

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania If a safari is on your 2017 bucket list, Acacia Africa’s round up of the top ten “must visit” parks and reserves could be well worth [...]

The link between technology and wildlife

Having been a professional guide for the past 16 years has meant I have seen the industry and how guests experience the bush change. Some of it is for the [...]

A time-lapse in words

Like a trail of ants three or four deep walking side-by-side, they just kept moving steadily forward, their legs crisscrossing like cross-stitch it was almost impossible to count how many [...]

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