How to Photography: Elephants

Elephants. What a wonderful subject they can be to photograph. Wonderful indeed, but photographing these magnificent beats can be, at times, quite challenging. One of the reasons for this, is [...]

Guest Post: All Creatures Great and Small

Martha Myers is a regular guest of ours and has just returned from our Exclusive Amboseli and Tsavo Safari. Clearly, she not only has the creative skill behind the lens but [...]

Saddling up in the Drakensberg foothills

The city of Durban, normally hot and sunny was wet and windy when I arrived, but not with the wintry drizzle of England. No, it was African rain – warm, [...]

Guest Blog: My Botswana Wilderness Safari Experience

I found my happy place through wildlife photography in the African wilderness and this trip was my fourth one with Wild Eye (including the seminar). It’s my first time in [...]

Male Lion Catches Impala- Londolozi TV
Wildebeest Calf Thinks this Car is Its Mother (Happy Ending)
A Special Moment with a Wild White Lion

As a Guide, or anyone that enjoys nature for that matter, there are certain things we always wish to see.  Whether it be Wildebeest crossing over the Mara River, Polar [...]

The Battle of Beasts

How many times have you heard horror stories of Buffalo mauling people, being one of the most dangerous animals to encounter of foot etc?  Yes fact of the matter is [...]

Live Guided: A Hunger for Life

Innocent is an inspiration to the world. You’re about to find out how – like him – you can “live guided” and become whatever it is that you want. « The [...]

Elephant Chases Impala for Food – Londolozi TV
Solifugid hunts millipede – Londolozi TV
How to Photograph Mountain Gorillas

When you go on a normal safari in Africa you stand the chance of seeing and photographing around 20 mammals during your time in the field.  As awesome as this [...]

Lions Attack & Kill Buffalo Next to Vehicle
Starved lion kills 5 ostrich babies out of desperation | Wild animal hunt from Kgalagadi
[ended] Djuma Game Reserve Waterhole – Live Cam
Wild Dog & Hyena Punching Match
Get to eye level

One thing that totally changes the effect of your image is trying to get down to the ground or eye level with your subject but remember to still be ethical which [...]

Mombo Memories – A New Beginning

After several false alarms, the day had finally come – the white rhinos that had spent the last few weeks in the specially constructed boma to the north of Mombo [...]

What is a group of gorillas called?

Jambo rafiki! 🙂 I recently received an interesting question from one of our readers, and it goes like this: “What is a group of gorillas called?” Great question. While I’ve [...]