It’s Too Hot! #AskMeg | The Lion Whisperer
Heron kills dove at waterhole after stalking it
Battle Royal between Martial Eagle and Rock Monitor

A Martial eagle shows Mombo guests exactly how it derived its name in an epic battle lasting nearly four hours against a rock monitor.

The Hollywoods and the hippo

It was early June in Zambia’s South Luangwa National park and we had just opened camp. The first set of guests were enjoying excellent sightings. Lion and leopard were in [...]

Male lion attacks and kills hyena cub

“This is an amazing video of 2 male lions taking a stroll near a hyena den. They noticed a small hyena snoozing and decided to get rid of it by [...]

Lion kill blocks traffic in Kruger Park
Wild dog and hyena pandemonium

Guests at Mombo recently watched in amazement as a pack of 18 wild dogs chased and killed an impala…

Wildebeest have a territorial fight

“A tourist filmed the moment a wildebeest was trying to get a dying wildebeest back up by trying to fling him into the air.”

Cheetah takes down nyala
Rhino de-horning with chainsaw
Top 10 safari spots for 2017

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania If a safari is on your 2017 bucket list, Acacia Africa’s round up of the top ten “must visit” parks and reserves could be well worth [...]

We are because of you – Londolozi TV
One Word – Londolozi TV
Let your photography reflect

Something that is quite fun to try out is trying to create an image as a reflection. Photographing a reflection creates a unique image of an often photographed subject by [...]

Sleeping hyena chasing cars
Hippo attacks and hits car
A Windy Day With Meg! #AskMeg | The Lion Whisperer
Bird vs Snake – Snake uses clever technique to get away
Funny: Lowland gorillas chasing each other around a tree

“This family of Western Lowland Gorillas takes a break at a rootsite somewhere deep in the Congo rainforest. As the adults feed on the roots of the trees, the younger [...]