Oyster World Seafood Restaurant Great Brak River (Garden Route, South Africa)
The Sea Gypsy Restaurant Mossel Bay (Garden Route, South Africa)
A decade of Fairtrade impact for Liberation

2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of Liberation Foods, the UK-based Fairtrade, farmer-owned nut company that has gone from strength to strength in its first decade and now supplies a host [...]

Moonshine and the middle class – does Africa have a drinking problem?

Populated as many of its countries are by a high percentage of abstinent practising Muslims, the proposition that Africa might at all have a problem with alcoholism may, to some, [...]

Twitter reacts to news South Africa is finally getting a Starbucks (but not in the way you might expect)

South Africans have been crying out for a Starbucks store to open in their country for years, so Tuesday’s news that the coffee chain are finally expanding into sub-Saharan Africa caused [...]

Flora mapping flora: Unlocking the nutrition in Benin’s sacred forests

In the tropical forests of Benin, far below the towering ebony, shea and mahogany trees, one can find an abundance of riches. Mongoose, warthogs and chameleons scamper through lush foliage, made up [...]

Africa’s super vegetables are booming – but will success lead to downfall?

Everybody is getting very excited indeed about the rise and rise of Africa’s indigenous ‘super’ vegetables. Amaranth, nightshade and jute are just a few of the super-nutritious crops emerging from obscure [...]

Even more super simple recipes for Africa’s super vegetables

Richer in protein, vitamins and iron than traditional non-indigenous crops like collard greens and kale, it’s no wonder that Africa’s super vegetables are currently enjoying a boom in popularity. Get in [...]

Six super simple recipes for Africa’s super vegetables

Both nutritional experts and agricultural researchers are excited by the growing taste for indigenous ‘super’ vegetables in Africa. Amaranth, nightshade and jute are just a few of the crops emerging [...]

10 African super foods you need in your life right now (and why Westerners shouldn’t buy them)

Africa is overflowing with endemic super foods that are packed with pretty much every nutrient your body will ever need. But the seemingly endless nutrient counts are not matched in [...]

How to make Senegalese street food classic ‘Thiebou dieune’

Roadside street food stalls in Dakar all have one menu item in common: Senegal’s national dish of thiebou dieune. This spicy and flavourful dish is “comfort food with a kick”. Simply, [...]

Four essential African veggie recipes to try out this weekend

These four amazingly simple recipes take their inspiration from four classic African vegetables that are becoming more commonly available in the UK and more popular in homes and restaurants alike. [...]

Beautiful and incredibly detailed map shows every herb that grows across Africa

This incredibly beautiful and detailed map shows every herb that grows native in Africa and gives an idea of the countries and regions where the herb is most common.

This easy recipe for West African peanut soup will make your summer dinner parties

This is a beautifully rich and spicy soup of West African origins. It’s flavourful and comforting, as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In Ghana in particular this [...]

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