Arguably one of the largest and most famous Game Reserves in Africa, Kruger National Park has become a hub for many photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.  Situated in the Northeastern part of South Africa, this Game [...]

Macro Photography at the Pullen Nature Reserve

Ever heard Wits University’s slogan “Wits gives you the edge”? Well, which other South African university’s biology department owns it own 250 ha nature reserve? The Pullen Nature Reserve in [...]

Back to Basics: What are those numbers on my lens?

Given how many people would have either been given or bought themselves a camera over the festive season I thought it would be a great idea to run a “Back [...]

The Lion and the Buffalo – A Fight to the Bitter End

Many of you may have seen and even read about the famous clash between a male lion and a female buffalo in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. There has been [...]

Know Your Metering Modes

What is metering? Metering is how your camera determines what the correct shutter speed and/or aperture should be, depending on the amount of light that goes into the camera and the sensitivity [...]

5 key principles to becoming a better photographer in 2017

How do we better our photography? What is the general thought process before heading out into the field? Do we even have a thought process? What are we doing to [...]

The Hollywoods and the hippo

It was early June in Zambia’s South Luangwa National park and we had just opened camp. The first set of guests were enjoying excellent sightings. Lion and leopard were in [...]

Do not fear ISO

I have decided to write this blog on the fear that most photographers have of ISO. I did chat about it on my Instagram and Snapchat stories so if you [...]

Behind the frame: Leopard and the Moon

I received a number of enquiries asking about how I created this image after sharing it on Instagram and Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Let’s start by dismissing some [...]

!Khwa ttu: learn about the San near Yzerfontein

By Roxanne Reid. The San have inhabited Africa for thousands of years but modern ‘civilisation’ hasn’t treated them kindly. Now there’s a Fair Trade Tourism project that trains them in [...]

Let your photography reflect

Something that is quite fun to try out is trying to create an image as a reflection. Photographing a reflection creates a unique image of an often photographed subject by [...]

Photographing dragons

When I was young, I was obsessed with dinosaurs. This didn’t change when I got older, but my passion found its place with living reptiles, particularly lizards. Since childhood, the [...]

100 Amazing images from the Mara: The 2016 guide edition

The end of another incredible Great Migration safari season during which we shared the magic of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle with our guests. We are truly proud of the [...]

Sabi Sabi’s famous lion

Deep within the “Kruger’s” bushveld lies Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve (Sabi Sands Wildtuin), being especially well known for its leopard and lion sightings! This is where I spent my [...]

Sabi Sabi’s eternal enemies

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is home to spectacular wildlife such as the well known BIG 5! But with its diverse habitat it is also home to some 200 other [...]

Guest Blog: Light and dust, a Mana Pools safari experience

It was a safari like no other I had ever been on. Instead of the token 10 (or 20 or, rarely, 30) minutes with an animal we spent entire sessions [...]

Trip Report: Kruger Photo Safaris, Sept 2016

Few places in Africa excite me as much as Kruger Park. I was born and raised in the region and always enjoy returning “home”. Better yet, on these photographic safaris [...]

Creating Panorama’s with Primes

Photographing wildlife with a prime lens can sometimes be challenging and I shared some thoughts on how to cope with the fixed focal length with subjects in close proximity in [...]

Trip Report: Great Migration Safari 27 Aug – 3 Sept 2016

After greeting our guests at the airstrip on the open plains of the Mara, we immediately set off in the direction of the river, not too far off. Our camp [...]

Trip Report: Great Migration Family Safari, 21 – 27 August 2016

This particular Wild Eye Migration Safari has a special little twist. Instead of the typical camera-crazy wildlife photographers, we had 3 beautiful families occupy our mobile camp on the banks [...]