It should come as no surprise that the focus on any Wild Eye safari is our guests, their photography and their experiences, and the recent Sabi Sabi Bolt On Safari hosted by Gerry and Alistair [...]

100 Amazing Images from the Mara: The 2017 Guest Edition

We are truly proud of the product that we have been able to create in Kenya and believe that our authentic mobile camp, the location we have right on the [...]

Lens Recommendations For the Okavango Delta

The Okavanago Delta is a photographers paradise and the range of lenses I would recommend when travelling here are about as diverse as the photographic opportunities and region itself. Nonetheless, knowing [...]

Radial Filter Tutorial – Londolozi TV
Guest Blog: An aerial perspective of the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta, one of the most incredible wilderness sanctuaries in Africa, 15000 square kilometers of water, channels and islands. During the November Botswana Wilderness Safari we had the opportunity to [...]

5 Reasons you should consider shooting Panoramas in Wildlife Photography

Capturing a scene as a panorama is not new, its just been made easier than ever in Lightroom. It really is as simple as capturing your multiple frames in the [...]

How to Photograph Animals on Safari Using a Spotlight

Night drives on safari can make for an amazing experience and will give you a glimpse into what happens under the cover of darkness in the African bush.  On top [...]

Incredible sighting: Crocs feast on hippo

Africa just has this huge variety of charismatic and beautiful creatures and how interesting can a crocodile basking in the sun really be? One sleeping crocodile looks exactly like another [...]

Incredible photos of November snowfall in the Drakensberg

November is usually a time of the year in South Africa and Lesotho where temperatures start warming up in preparation for the warm festive season of summer. However, every now [...]

Trip Report: Best of Botswana Photo Safari, the Xakanaxa and Khwai Regions

There are many ways to breakdown how this safari itinerary is in fact deserving of the title “Best of Botswana”. Botswana is a bucket list destination and, given the low [...]

A River Runs Through It – The Best of Botswana Guest Blog

A River Runs Through It – Martha A Myers Well, actually, two rivers run through it – – the Botswana that Andrew Beck re-introduced me to. Along with the pans in [...]

The bird-eating heron of the Kgalagadi

The Kgalagadi always delivers unusual opportunities to photograph animal and bird behaviour – such as a bird-eating heron.

The Pursuit of a Passion

The unfortunate reality of the fast-paced world in which we live, is that we often lose sight of what we are passionate about in life. Few people are able to [...]

The Essence of the Wild

A few weeks ago Shazmeen joined Jono and I on our last 2017 Migration safari.  In this blog post she shares some or image and experiences. Gerry. * * * [...]

My One Year Gallery Of Images

Hello all I am sure most of you know me by now, may it be that you have joined me on safari, seen me on & engaged on my social [...]

Capturing The Masses in a Single Frame

There is nothing quite as impressive as showing the true scale of a scene and conveying the size of an expansive herd of wildebeest or elephant as they move across [...]

Why do we love elevated subjects so much?

You don’t need to be a photographic guide to spot the termite mound or fallen tree in a leopard sighting and say to yourself ” Can you imagine if she [...]

The Camera Thief

After working for a couple of years in the bush I was fortunate to visit New York on one of my leave cycles. I had been saving up to buy [...]

Do You Look Up?

Too many times on safari I’ve noticed people racing around day and night to view the big game species. Yes sure this is the main reason for going on safari [...]

Photographing Kills

This is often a heated topic amongst Safari goers. Should you photograph an animal being killed? We are often asked, why did you not help the animal? Think of it [...]

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