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South Africa is home to some of the greatest creative minds. They have utilised some of the many fantastic opportunities offered by the latest technology to boost the tourism trade and make life easier and [...]

3 agents of change who prove South Africans care

South Africa is often viewed by outsiders as a writhing mess of politics and violence, splashed across the international news networks for its infamous growing pains since its democracy was [...]

Westerner asks Internet to help him overcome Africa biases – Reddit responds

As we’ve been reporting quite a lot recently, folk in the West are beginning to pick up on the fact that the view of Africa they receive from the mainstream [...]

Thousands of Twitter users join campaign to challenge Africa media stereotypes

The days when mainstream media dominated perceptions of Africa are officially over – #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou is going viral.

Broadcasting from Kenya to the world: The tech-savvy African media house with big ambitions

From cloud computing to social media, Spielworks Media founder Dorothy Ghettuba explains how new technologies are spearheading her company’s growth

100 most influential Twitter users in Africa

The following Twitter list is based on 3 key metrics: Popularity (measured by the number of Retweets and Likes users get), Reach (measured by the size of their audience), and [...]

How to connect With Africa Freak via email, RSS and social media

How to stay connected with AfricaFreak via email, RSS and Social Media.

Fabulous Facebook pages to add to your repertoire

A list of fabulous facebook pages related to the African safari and wildlife industries! If you feel like your fan page deserves to be added to the list, make sure [...]

Twitterview transcript with @traveldudes

If you missed out on last night’s “twitterview” (interview on Twitter), I thought I’d share with you the transcript. All in all we had a lot of fun, and the [...]

My ‘African safaris’ Twitter list updated

Jambo rafiki! 😉 As you probably know, Twitter recently developed a new listing system where you can build your own twitter lists of profiles based on specific keywords/areas of life that [...]

African safari experts to follow on Twitter

As you probably know, Twitter is becoming THE big thing on the Internet lately! Since I am an active user (follow me @AfricaFreak), I thought I’d share with you some of [...]

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