With Spring in the air it’s been a busy time for staff and volunteers alike at Shamwari Game Reserve. Here’s what’s been going on: Animal Rehab Centre The vets and volunteers have had their hands [...]

“Hit by an antelope while mountain biking”

Let’s set the scene right, shall we?! 😉 It’s another warm sunny day in the African savannah, and Evan van der Spuy, South African Mountain Bike Racer from Team Jeep, [...]

Community challenges

Hello everyone! I have a little more to share from Graham at Shamwari. All the latest news from him and his students at the reserve, and it seems they’ve been [...]

Where, oh where, is W12?

We’ve just been sent another update from Konrad at the Shamwari Game Reserve. They received a new intake of volunteers and set them straight to helping out. The first task [...]

Safaris are becoming more accessible

Royal Air Maroc is the flag carrying airline of Morocco and was founded in 1953. It was then in 1960 when they introduced their first own jets. These were Sub [...]

Raptor and reptile rehabilitation centre – Addo park

Here is a great update from the Born Free Foundation – this month they are out and about at the Addo National Park, seeing how raptors and reptiles are being [...]

The Fundu library project

Over the last couple of weeks the conservation volunteers at Shamwari Game Reserve have been assisting Christine and the Born Free foundation/Shamwari education program in setting up a local community [...]

Rhinos still being poached for their horns

Last year I reported on the slaughter of South Africa’s rhino population at the hands of poachers. I now want to give everyone an update on what has happened in [...]

Real Life Adventure Travel highlights African conservation projects

While many other parts of southern Africa, and globally for that matter, approach conservation from the perspective of separating people and wildlife, East Africa has pioneered conservation following this philosophy; [...]

The Best of Zambia launches its new website

The Best of Zambia – The Best Online Resource for Products and Services in Zambia – is proud to reveal a brand new and updated 3.0 version of their website. [...]

A big gift from Holland to South Africa

At the start of this month, one of the schools supported by the Born Free Foundation, Môreson Primary, received a very special gift. The school is located in Paterson, a [...]

Update from the Shamwari Game Reserve: May

Just had an update from the Shamwari Game Reserve, and the students there have been involved in Veterinary work this past few months. They have enjoyed learning about the day [...]

Eco school in South Africa plants its first vegetables

If you are unaware of the term ‘Eco-School’, then it is about time you learn it. This great program called ‘Eco-Schools’ is run internationally across the world. Its aim is [...]

Plan your safari with me

I am proud to announce that you can now officially plan your safari with me (Michaël Theys). 🙂 Whether you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the dunes of [...]

Africa Freak selected for IgoUgo’s best of travel award

Exciting news for Africa Freak, yippie! 🙂 Indeed, Africa Freak has been selected for IgoUgo’s “Best of Travel” award. Our team of travel editors and experts find your content engaging [...]

TNT publishing presents the TNT travel show 2011

The 7th annual TNT Travel Show, sponsored by, will be held for the first time at Earls Court 2 on Saturday 19 March and is London’s biggest FREE travel [...]